Best Hunting Knife For Any Budget

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There are a lot of hunting knives in the market today. I mean a looooot ... And each one boasts of different features, qualities, usability, and pros and cons.
Choosing the right one for you can be challenging and confusing because of the varied options that are out there. This article aims to help you make the right decision in choosing the best hunting knife for your hunting requirements.
We have captured here 15 of the best hunting knives that we could find. A detailed description of fixed blade or folding  hunting knives are presented below.

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Top 9 Fixed Blade Knives Reviews in 2020 

Best Fixed Blade Knife - Top 3

Mossy Oak 2-Piece Fixed Blade
  • Mossy Oak 2-Piece Fixed Blade
    Mossy Oak 2-Piece Fixed Blade
  • Brand: Mossy Oak
  • Blade Type: Fixed Blade
  • Blade Length: 4/6 inches
  • Knife Material: Stainless-Steel
  • Handle: Full Tang Stacked Leather
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife
  • Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade
    Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade
  • Brand: Gerber
  • Blade Type:Fixed Blade
  • Blade Length: 4.8 inches
  • Knife Material: 420HC / BDZ-1
  • Handle: Glass-filled nylon
  • Warranty: Lifetime
Sheffield Rogue 10-inch Fixed Blade Knife
  • Sheffield Rogue 10-inch
    Sheffield Rogue 10-inch
  • Brand: Sheffield
  • Blade Type: Fixed Blade
  • Blade Length: 10 inches
  • Knife Material: Stainless Steel
  • Handle: TPR handle
  • Warranty: -


Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife Review - Award Winning Survival Knife

Manufactured by Gerber, a company with a renowned record of manufacturing high quality survival knives particularly for the US military, Gerber Strongman Fixed-blade Knife- Coyote 30-001058 is well built for all types of survival applications and combat.
It comes with a sheath that can easily be mounted in many ways, hence making it a reliable survival knife for use when on duty or off-duty.

Boasting a full tang blade with a black ceramic coating, this survival knife is meticulously crafted to meet the needs of military survival training.
The fixed-blade knife has a diamond-texture rubberized handle, designed to give you a firm grip whenever you are using it. 

The striking pommel which is strategically positioned at its base works to cut through hard surfaces, therefore making this fixed-blade survival knife suitable for rescue operations.
The Gerber Strongman Fixed-blade Knife - Coyote 30-001058 is loaded with several impressive features you can never get in an average survival knife.

Special Features

  • Innovative Sheath - the survival knife boasts an innovative sheath that is ultimately first of its kind. Its multi-mount sheath is quite easy to use. In addition, this sheath can be easily mounted horizontally on your belt.
    It can also be mounted in a traditional drop-leg fashion. Above all, the sheath can be customized to specifically meet your personal needs in the field.
  • Horizontal Belt Carry - the belt loops are detachable therefore allowing for a horizontal carry along your waistline.
  • Molle Mount - the survival knife’s sheath is normally setup using a Molle strap hence enabling you to carry the survival knife vertically.
  • Vertical Belt Carry - you can carry this StrongArm survival knife on your hip, meaning the knife is ever on hand and ready for the job.

What We Like/What We Don't Like



  • A great design coupled with a sturdy construction
  • Comfortable handle
  • A product of a renowned reputable brand
  • Tough enough for all cutting tasks
  • Perfectly designed for all survival applications
  • Easy to re-sharpen
  • The blade dulls fairly quickly
  • Its design isn’t suitable for belt loop attachment
  • Extra sharpening is need for more aggressive use
  • The sheath can be somewhat bulky for some users

Outstanding Feature

Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife - Coyote 30-001058 boasts an innovative sheath that features a multi-mount sheath that is not only very easy to use but it can as well be mounted in several ways ranging from vertically, horizontally to traditional drop-fashion.
The sheath also makes the survival knife customizable to meet your individual needs.


Gerber Strongman Fixed Blade Knife is a high quality survival knife that is designed for a wide array of survival applications.
It is also quite comfortable to use and can be used for almost all cutting tasks.


Mossy Oak 2-Piece Fixed Blade Hunting Knife Review - Awesomely Crafted Hunting Knife

With a super study handle and a razor sharp blade, Mossy Oak 2-Piece is by far the most reliable hunting knife that is well crafted to meet all your outdoor cutting needs. Manufactured by Mossy Oak, a company that boasts a long history of producing high quality hunting knives, this hunting knife comes very handy in hunting season.

The small, good looking and extra sharp hunting knife offers a solid grip and it is superbly designed to meet all of your hunting needs.
It has a plethora of impressive features, hence making it a great set for any hunting enthusiast.

Special Features

  • High quality - its CPM 530V stainless steel cutting blade is awesomely well balanced, hence offering great edge qualities. Its Santoroprene handle provides excellent flexibility coupled with great strength. Therefore, this hunting knife is meticulously designed for tough cutting jobs.
  • Great design - with a fixed blade, this full tang hunting knife offers great strength and excellent reliability than the average hunting knife. Its simplicity makes it quite easy to clean.
  • Lifetime guarantee - it has a lifetime warranty alongside a LifeSharp Service offered to ensure the hunting knife is ever in the best possible condition. Whenever sharpening or repair is needed, the lifetime warranty takes care of all that.
  • Ever ready for the job - the small-sized hunting knife is a reliable option for your tough cutting tasks. It comes with a molded sheath that is not only durable, but also provides multiple carrying positions.
  • Superbly made for hunting - it comes with a drop-point blade that is versatile and well-balanced. As such, it is ultimately a great pick for hunting purposes.

What We Like/What We Don't Like



  • Superb quality and sharpness
  • Offers multiple carrying positions
  • Built for tough cutting needs
  • Comfortable handle
  • Perfect size for hunting needs
  • Awesome edge qualities
  • The handle can feel uncomfortable following extended use
  • The sheath is somewhat loose
  • The handle is a bit small

Outstanding Feature

Mossy Oak 2-Piece has an extremely well-balanced stainless steel blade that is awesomely designed to offer superb edge qualities.
This high quality hunting knife has a simple yet great design, ultimately making it a great hunting knife that is reliable for all your hunting needs.


Mossy Oak 2-Piece is absolutely an excellent choice of a hunting knife. Its razor sharp blade that doesn’t lose edge even after prolonged use makes this hunting knife a great set of knife to include in your knives collection.


Bone Collector Hand Made Skinning/Hunting Knife BC808 Review - Best Selling Hunting Knife

With multiple exciting features designed for camping and fishing, Bone Collector Handmade BC808 is ultimately the bestselling hunting knife that is perfect for hunting and other outdoor tasks.

Manufactured by Bone Collector, a knife manufacturing company with decades of experience manufacturing 5-star rated hunting knives, this small but convenient hunting knife includes everything that one can expect in a perfect hunting knife.
Bone Collector HandmadeBC808 boasts dozens of great features, all of which are tailored at meeting your difficult outdoor hunting and cutting needs.

Special Features

  • Custom made leather sheath - the custom made leather sheath is not only of high quality, but also designed to help you carry the hunting knife safely and in different ways of your choice. Again, you can easily personalize it to suits your precise needs.
  • Perfect skinning knife - with a sharp stainless-steel blade, Bone Collector HandmadeBC808 is ultimately the perfect hunting knife for skinning tasks. Its blade is not only super sharp, but also well balanced to meet any daunting cutting tasks.
  • Lifetime warranty - Bone Collector HandmadeBC808 features a lifetime warranty thus ensuring it is designed to for lifetime use. With this hunting knife, you definitely have a great hunting knife you can use throughout your life.
  • Sturdy construction - it has a sturdy wooden handle crafted to offer an excellent grip. Overall, the hunting knife boasts a sturdy construction therefore making it very durable and strong for challenging cutting needs.
  • Perfect for outdoor use - Bone Collector Handmade is designed for all sorts of outdoor use. From hunting, hiking to fishing, the top-notch hunting knife is beautifully designed for all of your outdoor activities.

What We Like/What We Don't Like



  • Perfect size for a hunting and skinning knife
  • Solid and comfortable grip
  • An easy to personalize sheath
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Great quality
  • Extra sharp
  • Loses edge quickly and regular sharpening is needed
  • The leather sheath gets loose over time
  • The handle needs replacement after extended use

Outstanding Feature

Bone Collector HandmadeBC808 is of excellent quality. It also boasts superior craftsmanship. Its great edge makes the hunting knife a nice option for hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor activities.

Its beautiful handle offers a comfortable grip, overly making it an easy to use hunting knife.


Bone Collector Handmade BC808 is ultimately an excellent selection for any hunting, camping and hunting enthusiast.
It combines, functionality with convenience, therefore making it perfect for hunting, skinning alongside other cutting tasks.
The great edge coupled with a study construction truly makes Bone Collector HandmadeBC808 a wonderful option for almost any outdoor activity.


Elk Ridge Hunting Knife Two-Piece Set Review - Perfect Choice For The Avid Hunter

If you are always in the wilderness hunting, having a reliable and super sharp knife can make all your hunting sessions worthwhile.
The 2 -piece hunting knife comes with a straight edge-knife and a gut hook blade. Crafted by Elk Ridge, there is absolutely no doubt that Elk Ridge 2-Piece Hunting Knife is the real deal for the avid hunter.

It features two full tang knives in one knife, and the blades are 440 stainless steel to give the knife excellent hardness and great collusion resistance capabilities. 

With beautiful ABS handles all boasting a non-slip texture, Elk Ridge 2-Piece Hunting Knife can feel amazingly comfortable in your hands. Best of all, it is loaded with exciting features to suit the avid hunter.

Special Features

  • Excellent edge retention and hardness - the two blades of Elk Ridge 2-Piece Hunting Knife are made from 440 stainless steel. Therefore, these blades offer excellent edge retention and hardness.
  • Small and lightweight - weighing 11.4 ounces and measuring 7-inches long, Elk Ridge 2-Piece Hunting Knife isn’t just small in size but also lightweight as well. Therefore, you can conveniently carry the hunting knife almost anywhere you intend to use it.
  • Safe and easy to carry - with a nylon carry sheath, the hunting knife is safe to carry. Moreover, the dual sheath provides many carrying options. You can securely carry it either in your pocket, or mount it safely on your belt.
  • Excellent quality - manufactured by Elk Ridge, Elk Ridge 2-Piece Hunting Knife offers excellent quality since it is crafted strictly from high quality products.
  • Designed for outdoor adventurers - Elk Ridge 2-Piece Hunting Knife is designed to suit the typical outdoor adventurer. From hunting, slicing to cutting tough objects, the knife includes everything that suits an outdoor adventurer.

What We Like/What We Don't Like



  • Great versatility for it features two knives in one set
  • Superb edge retention capabilities
  • Designed from extremely high quality materials
  • A product of a globally reputable brand
  • Extra hard blades
  • Doesn’t produce precision cuts
  • The sheath doesn’t hold the two blades well
  • The handles are small for users with larger hands

Outstanding Feature

Elk Ridge 2-Piece Hunting Knife includes two extremely sharp blades in a single hunting knife, hence making this great hunting knife rather versatile.

Its two full tang blades are crafted from 440 stainless steel hence giving Elk Ridge 2-Piece Hunting Knife excellent edge retention and unrivaled hardness.


Elk Ridge 2-Piece Hunting Knife is ideally a great option for outdoor adventurers. It packs more than you need for almost any outdoor activity.

The fact that this hunting knife is crafted from high quality products makes it great worth for the buck.


Sheffield Rogue 10-inch Fixed Blade Hunting Knife Review - Highly Practical Hunting Knife

When it comes to hunting knives, durability is crucial because without a durable hunting knife, you can never claim to have the right hunting gear for successful hunting.

Being conversant with this fact, Sheffield Inc. has dedicated decades of years manufacturing quality hunting gear for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts alike. 

The SHEFFIELD Rogue 10-Inch Hunting Knife, one of Sheffield’s most popular and versatile hunting knife, is built for exceptional durability thanks to its stainless steel blade.

The hunting knife comes with its own sharpener for fine adjustments and other exciting features such as a leather sheath and a TRP comfortable handle.

Special Features

  • 10-inch stainless steel blade - its fixed stainless steel blade is purposely crafted for durability. It is very durable for skinning and also for performing rigorous outdoor cutting tasks. The knife also boasts an extremely sharp edge, thus making it a fantastic choice for a variety of hunting and cutting tasks.
  • Multiple uses - the SHEFFIELD Rogue 10-Inch Hunting Knife does more than performing hunting-related tasks. It is also crafted for survival training, camping expeditions and for combat situations.
  • Ergonomic handle - SHEFFIELD Rogue 10-Inch Hunting Knife features an ergonomic TPR handle that is very comfortable in any hands irrespective of their size. The solid grip offered by its TPR handle is definitely what makes using the hunting knife quite easy.
  • Bonus features - it comes with a fire starter for campers and hikers, a sharpener for purposes of fine adjustments and a bonus sheath for easy carry and safe use.
  • Insanely inexpensive - the SHEFFIELD Rogue 10-Inch Hunting Knife sells under 20 bucks, which means it is by far the most inexpensive hunting knife out there.

What We Like/What We Don't Like



  • Extra durable stainless steel blade
  • The sharpener comes handy for fine adjustments when in the field
  • A comfortable handle
  • Easy to carry due to the additional sheath
  • Lack of a warranty makes its quality questionable
  • Blade loses edge easily and thus regular sharpening is required
  • The quality of the steel blade is somewhat inferior

Outstanding Feature

SHEFFIELD Rogue 10-Inch Hunting Knife features a sturdy stainless steel blade for enhanced durability.

Its bonus features such as fire starter make SHEFFIELD Rogue 10-Inch Hunting Knife suitable for camping and overall outdoor use.


Rogue 10-Inch hunting knife is quite affordable and a product of a widely renowned brand. It is meticulously built for durability and strength needed for outdoor use.

Basically, SHEFFIELD Rogue 10-Inch Hunting Knife is excellent for avid hunters and outdoorsmen.


Schrade SCHF36 10.4 in Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Knife Review - Perfectly Created For Outdoor Survival

Perfectly created for all outdoor adventures, Schrade SCHFC36 10.4-Inch Hunting Knife is a fantastic knife for hiking, executing bushcraft, camping and a wide array of outdoor activities.
Schrade is the top-rated firm behind this innovative hunting knife together with other award winning knives.

Whether you are camping, fishing or hunting, Schrade SCHFC36 10.4-Inch Hunting Knife is the perfect companion that is superbly created to help you accomplish those daunting tasks you are faced with.

Schrade SCHFC36 10.4-Inch Hunting Knife is just outstanding and a perfect fit for the outdoor lifestyle.

Special Features

  • Durable - its powder coated carbon blade is not only reliable, but also durable for everyday outdoor use. Again, it isn’t vulnerable to collusion and rust. Best of all, the blade has superior edge retention capabilities therefore making it perfect for outdoor survival.
  • Dependable - it has a convenient polyester belt sheath for quick and easy access. The sheath further makes it convenient to carry this knife around safely.
  • Secure - crafted with safety in mind, Schrade SCHFC36 10.4-Inch Hunting Knife is meticulously designed to ensure the blade doesn’t slip off when carrying the knife. Its front quillon, grip jimping, thumb and finger choil help hold the blade firmly and securely.
  • Ready for use - Schrade SCHFC36 10.4-Inch Hunting Knife comes with a sharpening stone, lanyard hole and a Ferro rod, meaning the knife is ever ready to use outdoors.
  • Lightweight - the 10.4-inch long hunting knife weighs only 12.3 ounces, making the entire package lightweight and convenient to carry around.
  • TPE handle - the handle is crafted with outdoor survival. It is ergonomic and provides a comfortable grip.

What We Like/What We Don't Like



  • Designed for outdoor survival
  • Extremely durable
  • Secure
  • Highly dependable
  • Perfect for all outdoor tasks
  • Practical and well balanced blade
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Full tang design
  • Blade coating peels off quickly
  • The handle easily holds debris and dirt
  • Difficult to sharpen

Outstanding Feature

Schrade SCHFC36 10.4-Inch Hunting Knife is an all-round hunting knife that is created for outdoor survival.

The lightweight nature of this knife makes it a reliable outdoor companion, while its powder coated carbon stainless steel makes the fixed blade hunting knife highly durable. Schrade SCHFC36 10.4-Inch Hunting Knife is ever ready for use.

Its bestselling point is security for it has components designed to hold the blade into place preventing it from slipping.


Schrade SCHFC36 10.4-Inch Hunting Knife is designed specifically for outdoor survival.

It is durable, reliable and perfect for outdoor activities ranging from camping, hunting, hiking to fishing.


Case Cutlery 381 Case 316-5 Leather Hunter with Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Leather Hunter

This type of hunting knife has a really good appearance. It is referred to as a handsome and rugged hunting knife.

The blade of this knife is very durable and is great for outdoor use. Its blade is made from Tru-Sharp surgical steel making this knife highly recommended for hiking, hunting and other open-air activities.

Special Features

  • This knife comes with a leather handle that is hand-made. The leather material that is used for the handle adds to the knife’s marketability. It also allows the owner to hold and carry it a lot easier.
  • The Case Cutlery 381 Case 316-5 Leather Hunter with Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Leather Hunter is created and designed by W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company.
  • It is a US-based company that is known for producing high quality and hand-crafted hunting knives and other types of knives. The company has been in the industry for generations.
  • It offers several types of knives from conventional sporting knives and pocket knives to limited and quality knives that can be used as commemoratives or collectibles.

Today, the company is owned by another company, Zippo Manufacturing Company, the maker of the famous windproof lighter, Zippo.

The knives produced by Case or Zippo Manufacturing Company have been recognized by several television shows, print publications, global trade association and events, as well as film outfits.

Key Features

  1. This hunting knife has a mirror-polished and concave ground clip blade, which makes the blade cut smoothly and effortlessly.
  2. The Case Cutlery 381 Case 316-5 Leather Hunter with Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Leather Hunter is crafted from Tru-Sharp surgical steel.
  3. This hunting knife is made of all imported materials.
  4. The knife has a genuine and nicely-polished leather handle.
  5. This knife by Case comes with a premium and genuine leather sheath.
  6. This knife weighs 5.4 ounces and measures 9 ½ inches.
  7. Its blade is very durable making it a must-have knife of Case or Zippo.
  8. This knife also offers a limited lifetime warranty.

This hunting knife is known for its appearance which appeals to a lot of hunters around the globe. But on top of the nice looks, this knife brags of other features that make it the knife of choice by a lot of consumers.

Outstanding Feature

This knife is unique because it is hand-crafted by some of the best cutlers and well-known artisans in the industry.

Check out the in depth review of Case Medium Leather Hunter Knife.


DKC-42 OTTER Tanto Fixed Damascus Hunting Knife Mahogany Micarta

DKC knives are popular for being customized and hand-made. The company is known for its quality craftsmanship.

Their exclusive design and the excellent choice of materials allow the company to create a hunting knife that is a cut above the rest.

Special Features

  • Since DKC knives are hand-made, clients may notice visible imperfections like natural marks or blemishes. There may also be some inconsistencies with the appearance of the knives they produce. Color variations are also normal. For example, the buffalo horn knife is generally black, but clients may see white spots.
  • The white areas are natural parts of a horn material. While some may not find this very appealing, the rawness mentioned earlier attracts most hunters globally. Those natural imperfections are something that will not be present in machine-made knives.
  • Despite the imperfections due to the hand-made technique used in creating the knives, the DKC-42 OTTER Tanto Fixed Damascus Hunting Knife and the other types of knives they produce continue to be of great quality. Many clients continue to recommend this knife as well, despite their natural flaws.

DKC Knives is a company known to create premium and hand-made knives at a very affordable price. It is an American company, which is known for its quality and superior craftsmanship.

Key Features

  1. The DKC-42 OTTER Tanto Fixed Damascus Hunting Knife, similar to other knives produced by DKC, is hand-made. This proves the knife’s good craftsmanship.
  2. The Damascus steel used for this hunting knife has over 252 layers of 15N20 & 1095 steel.
  3. A custom-made sheath also comes with this knife. The sheath is made of high-quality layers of authentic leather material.
  4. The authentic leather material used to create the sheath of this hunting knife has been customized to produce the natural appearance of an alligator, a snake and a leopard. Each design is carefully made and sketched on the sheath itself. The sheath is also designed to match the handle of the knife, which is also made of leather. Both are colorful and appealing.
  5. The DKC-42 OTTER Tanto Fixed Damascus Hunting Knife’s blade has been 100% hand-forged. This type of technique requires a lot of work hours and effort.

Similar to the other knives in the market, the DKC-42 OTTER Tanto Fixed Damascus Hunting Knife offers various features that will give it a good fight in the knife industry.

Outstanding Feature

The blade of the DKC-42 OTTER Tanto Fixed Damascus Hunting Knife goes through an effective heat treatment process and oil quenching activity that makes the blade very durable.

Check out our FULL review of DKC-42 OTTER Damascus Steel Knife Hunting.


Cold Steel 38CKJ1 Hunting Fixed Blade Knives, Black

The Cold Steel 38CKJ1 Hunting Fixed Blade Knife is known as a survival rescue knife. When this knife was being designed, the company only had one vision in mind: to create a durable and multi-purpose survival product such as this knife.

Special Features

  • The Cold Steel 38CKJ1 Hunting Fixed Blade Knife is popular because of its durability, which is especially important during a survival and rescue condition.
  • This made this type of knife a popular choice among Military and Tactical Law Enforcement personnel. To further appreciate the Cold Steel 38CKJ1 Hunting Fixed Blade Knife and its benefits, below are its features for your reference.
  • In a survival or a rescue situation or operation, versatility, ease of use and durability are all critical. When we talk about a knife in that situation, it is important to own a knife that can stand the most challenging and extreme conditions.
  • And that is what the Cold Steel SRK or Survival Rescue Knife was designed and built for. The Cold Steel 38CKJ1 Hunting Fixed Blade Knife is a popular knife among the Military and Tactical Law Enforcement personnel. It is the standard knife used by the Navy SEALS for their Basic Underwater Demolition training or BUDS.

Cold Steel is a US company which aims to create and design the toughest and sharpest knives for its clients.

The company started producing knives in 1980, and since then, Cold Steel has maintained its image as the leader in creating unique and durable knives in the industry.

Key Features

  1. This knife measures just right so that it will allow its user to handle and carry it conveniently during a rescue and survival condition.
  2. It measures 8 by 1.5 by 1 inches and weigh 8.2 ounces.
  3. Its blade is very tough and can be used in difficult conditions. It is 5 mm thick.
  4. The sheath that comes with this knife is made of Kydex.
  5. The blade has been designed using the clip point blade style. It is made of vg-1 stainless steel with black tuff-ex finish.
  6. This design of the blade, clip point style, is one of the most common shapes or styles of knife blade. This design means that the blade has been “clipped” off.
  7. The said clip can be straight or it can also be concave depending on the preference of the client. This blade style is recommended because it allows a faster and deeper puncture upon insertion.
  8. The vg-1 stainless steel that makes up this knife is indeed an advantage as the blade can be used longer, without it getting damaged or easily suffering from rust.
  9. The nice-looking sheath that comes with the knife contributes to its appearance making it a quality hunting knife to have.

The company created many firsts and unique creations, which helped develop and define the knife industry and what it is today. It has produced many great products including the Cold Steel 38CKJ1 Hunting Fixed Blade Knife.

Outstanding Feature

The blade style allows the user to execute a quicker and easier “attack or stabbing” with lesser drag during insertion. It will also allow faster withdrawal.

See more info on our in depth review of Black Cold Steel 38CKJ1 Hunting Fixed Blade Knife.

Top 6 Hunting Folding Knives Reviews in 2020

Best Folding Knife - Top 3

Kershaw Clash Black Serrated
  • Kershaw Clash Black Serrated
    Kershaw Clash Black Serrated
  • Brand: Kershaw
  • Blade Type: Folding Blade
  • Blade Length: 3.1 inches
  • Knife Material: 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel
  • Handle: Glass-filled nylon
  • Warranty: Not Specified
Benchmade North Fork 1503
  • Benchmade North Fork 1503
    Benchmade North Fork 1503
  • Brand: Benchmade
  • Blade Type: Folding Blade
  • Blade Length: 6.9 inches
  • Knife Material: CPM-S30V Stainless Steel
  • Handle: Wood and Resin
  • Warranty: Lifetime
TAC-Force Spring Assisted Rescue
  • TAC-Force Spring Assisted Rescue
    TAC-Force Spring Assisted Rescue
  • Brand: Snake Eye Tactical
  • Blade Type: Folding Blade
  • Blade Length: 3 1/4 inches
  • Knife Material: 440 Stainless Steel
  • Handle: Black and Orange aluminum
  • Warranty: Not specified


Benchmade North Fork 1503 Folding Knife Review - Wonderfully Built Folding Knife

Since 1988, Benchmade’s goal has always been making the best and most durable knives ever in the world. Benchmade North Fork-1503 Folding Knife is tangible proof that the knife manufacturing company has achieved its goals within the 3 decades they have been in business.

Benchmade North Fork 1503 continues to be among the company’s most durable and tactical folding knives.

This sturdy folding knife features a recurved blade designed to assist you perform your tasks excellently.

Initially intended for hunting, the sturdy folding knife is equally suitable for other cutting tasks, both indoors and outdoors.

The fact that the folding knife is designed and manufactured by Benchmade highlights the point that this folding knife has superior qualities over dozens of high-end knives presently on the market. Loaded with innovative and impressive features, Benchmade –North Fork-1503 is truly the best deal for hunting, hiking and camping enthusiasts.

Special Features

  • High quality - BenchMade North Fork-1503 boasts a CMP-530 stainless steel blade. The blade is well-balanced and offers great edge qualities.
  • Well-designed - the folding knife has an Axis lock that is exceptionally strong and completely ambidextrous. The tactical knife can be closed and opened effortlessly.
  • Very comfortable - the folding knife’s stabilized wooden handle coupled with a lightweight design makes it very comfortable to use, hold and carry anywhere.
  • Made for hunting - the knife’s recurved blade is suitable for hunting purposes.
  • Lifetime guarantee - Benchmade North Fork-1503 is covered by Benchmade’s lifetime warranty. It also comes with a LifeSharp Service designed to keep the knife in good condition. When the knife needs either sharpening or urgent repairs, Benchmade will automatically take care of it.

What We Like/What We Don't Like



  • Excellent quality
  • Great design
  • Built for hunting
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • The wooden handle chips off quickly
  • The handle isn’t properly balanced

Outstanding Feature

The folding knife boasts a high quality courtesy of its blade, which is designed from CMP-S30V stainless steel. Its great design together with its ergonomically designed handle makes it a reliable all-round folding knife.

It is nicely crafted for hunting and various outdoor activities like camping and hiking. Its most notable selling point is that, it is a superior quality folding knife from a widely renowned brand.

As such, most buyers won’t hesitate to pick it over tons of folding knives on the market.


Benchmade North Fork 1503 is a worthy purchase for anyone especially avid hunters.

It combines quality with great design to produce a versatile folding knife that can do a lot more than just hunting.


Buffalo Horn 6.5'' Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Review - Beautifully Crafted Folding Knife

When it comes to folding knives, you truly can’t afford to compromise on superior quality.

That is why Buffalo Horn 6-Inch Damascus Steel Brass folding knife is carefully crafted with quality in mind.

This truly gorgeous folding knife is excellent for fishing, camping, hunting and outdoors & sports.

Featuring a plethora of fantastic features, the folding knife is absolutely a magnificent addition to your folding knives collection.

The handmade folding knife is honestly a knife you can’t afford to ignore. It is 100% hand-made by professional craftsmen, using techniques of the ancient Damascus blade-smiths, just to give you a unique folding knife to add to your collection.

Special Features

  • Timeless classic design - the beautiful hand-made folding knife is bound to become your favorite choice at first glance. It is not just visually stunning, but also razor sharp as well. This makes Buffalo Horn 6-Inch Damascus Steel Brass a favorite choice for slicing, carving and cutting. Its elite craftsmanship can be felt from simply holding it in the hand.
  • 100% genuine cow leather sheath - the folding knife’s premium leather sheath is crafted to guarantee you excellent manufacture. With a durable double stitching featuring strong thick threads combined with rust-resistant brass button, then its sheath is truly awesome.
  • A beautifully hand-crafted piece of art - it is aesthetically hand-forged with a durable steel blade, carbon steel and a nickel layer.
  • A sharpening rod - the folding knife comes with a sharpening rod just to keep its edge sharp enough for your everyday use.

What We Like/What We Don't Like



  • Brilliantly hand-forged
  • Reliable and versatile
  • Real masterpiece
  • Excellent quality and impeccable craftsmanship
  • The leather sheath gets lose over time
  • The blade doesn’t retain a sharp –edge after long-term use
  • The blade is small and can’t tackle challenging cutting tasks

Outstanding Feature

With an excellent quality and outstanding craftsmanship, the folding knife is undoubtedly good looking even more than dozens of high-end folding knives out there.

Its high quality leather sheath is crafted for a real masterpiece. Its exquisite blade has been tried and tested in several categories ranging from strength, toughness, holding ability to edge honing.

With a sharpening rod, you can keep the blade razor-sharp all the time.


Buffalo Horn 6-Inch Damascus Steel Brass is a timeless classic folding knife that is beautifully hand-crafted and blends together unique features tailored at enabling you tackle your work like a real pro.

The precious steel folding knife is truly a knife you can’t afford to miss in your folding knives collection.


Kershaw Clash Black Serrated-1605CKTST Review - Most Versatile Folding Knife

Since 1970, Kershaw has been manufacturing folding knives that all knives users cherish to own, use and carry with them. In other words, every Kershaw folding knife is absolutely of the highest quality, with Kershaw Clash Black Serrated-1605CKTST not being any exceptional.

The fantastic folding knife offers ultimate capability and styles. Its 3.1 –inch blade is created from high performance stainless steel, which is renowned for its excellent toughness, wear resistance and edge retention.

The folding knife offers excellent slicing capabilities courtesy of its drop-point blade that features a perfect belly curve. The knife’s blade has a black-oxide finish coating, which helps amplify corrosion resistance and further provides non-reflective appearance.

Special Features

  • Speed-safe assisted opening - designed to enable you open the folding knife with ease with just a simple manual push.
  • Solid grip-its textured glass - filled nylon handle provides a solid grip when using the knife. It is slightly contoured just to make it fit comfortably in the user’s hand.
  • Drop-point blade - Kershaw Clash Black Serrated-1605CKTST has a drop-point blade designed to offer the required amount of precision cutting. This blade further enhances the knife’s slicing ability.
  • Reversible pocket clip - the handle comes with pre-drilled holes to help you alter the tip position or reverse the blade as you wish.
  • Liner Lock - keeps the blade securely tight whenever you are using the folding knife.
  • 8CR13MOV heated-treated stainless steel blade - the blade offers excellent toughness, unmatched wear resistance and unparalleled edge retention capabilities.

What We Like/What We Don't Like



  • Ideal for slicing and cutting through tough materials
  • Superb quality
  • Opens with ease
  • Your perfect everyday carry
  • Safe for use
  • Offers solid grip
  • Not suitable for rugged work
  • Locking system can fail after extended use
  • Needs regular sharpening to retain its sharp edge in the long-run

Outstanding Feature

The folding knife is superbly crafted to deliver on both performance and quality. It offers ultimate capability and style.

The knife’s blade is built for excellent edge retention, toughness and wear resistance. It features a drop-point blade perfectly designed for excellent slicing ability and for precision cutting.

The nylon handle is textured for a solid grip and it is gently contoured to ensure the knife fits comfortably in hand.


Kershaw Clash Black Serrated-1605CKTST does more than the ordinary folding knife. It combines style, with functionality to handle even the most daunting cutting work.

It is particularly perfect for cutting through hard materials and for making precision cuts.


MTech USA Ballistic MT-A705 Folding Knife Review - Spectacular All-Round Folding Knife

Manufactured by Mtech USA Ballistic-a popular firm revered for churning out diversified category of tactical folding knives, MTech USA Ballistic MT-A705 folding knife offers an easy one-handed deployment.

Upon opening the folding knife, its blade will lock itself securely into place quite easily courtesy of the knife’s liner lock.

The folding knife features a stainless steel silver pocket clip for convenient and safe carry. Its 3.75-inch stainless steel blade offers unparalleled durability, while its aluminum handle provides a comfortable grip and also comes with a bottle opener. Selling at around 10 bucks, MTech USA Ballistic MT-A705 offers a reasonably priced option of a top quality folding knife.

Special Features

  • Easy to carry - you can conveniently and safely carry the folding knife thanks to its pocket clip which is meticulously designed to enable you carry the folding knife with you devoid of hurting yourself or tearing your pants.
  • Liner lock - the liner lock is designed to lock the folding knife securely, thus keeping all the knife’s components securely into place. The liner locks generally makes the folding knife secure at all times.
  • Small and lightweight - the folding knife only weighs 6.2 ounces. Therefore, it is won’t feel heavy when carrying it in your pocket, thereby making MTech Ballistic MT-A705 a great choice for your daily outdoor activity.
  • Lifetime guarantee - MTech USA Ballistic MT-A705 offers a lifetime warranty. It offers lifetime use and hence a wonderful gift for anyone who wants a folding knife they can continue using for their entire lifetime.
  • Stainless steel blade - MTech USA Ballistic MTA705 features a superior quality stainless steel blade, which is designed and well coated for collusion resistance. Its blade is further razor sharp, enabling the folding knife to offer sufficient strength for hard cutting tasks.

What We Like/What We Don't Like



  • Sturdy design
  • Convenient and safe to carry
  • Razor sharp edge
  • Affordable choice
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Beautifully engineered
  • Spring assisted feature has some flaws
  • Handle feels slippery
  • The locking mechanism loosens with time

Outstanding Feature

The folding knife is overly a great all-round knife. It combines a comfortable aluminum handle with a bottle opener and a spring assist function for easy use.

Its durable pocket clip helps you carry the folding knife easily and safely.


MTech USA Ballistic MT-A705 offers great innovative features at an affordable cost. It is easy and very safe to use, making the all-round folding knife ideal for all-day use.


TAC-Force Spring Assisted Rescue Folding Pocket Knife Review - Highly Tactical Folding Knife

Searching for a folding knife that provides rapid deployment needed by rescue, fire and first responders?

Then TAC-Force Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knife is your most ideal option. The tactical folding knife comes with a 2-tone handle, a black blade and a 4 1/2 –inches closed length.

Crafted by Tac Force, a widely renowned awarding winning folding knives manufacturer, the folding knife offers an easy-one handed deployment and it locks safely into place.

It has a 3 millimeters thick stainless steel blade and a comfortable aluminum handle that is equipped with a glass breaker on its end and a seat belt.

For safe and easy carry, the folding knife has a pocket clip, and it is suitable for both hunting and tactical situations.

Special Features

  • Spring assisted opening - this makes opening and closing the folding knife quite easy. With the spring assisted opening, the folding knife can be used anywhere any time.
  • 440 stainless steel blade - this high quality steel doesn’t rust. Better still, it is collusion resistant and hence the folding knife’s blade is manufactured for durability.
  • Ergonomic handle - its aluminum handle is ergonomically designed allowing for a comfortable grip when using the knife. The handle is designed to fit well in your hand and also offer a solid grip needed especially for hard cutting tasks.
  • Convenient lifesaving features - the folding knife is equipped with convenient features designed for lifesaving. For instance, the folding knife comes with a glass breaker and a seat belt cutter to help you get out of your in case of an emergency.
  • Designed for rapid deployment - the folding knife is a reliable option and especially suitable for rapid deployment required by rescue, fire and first responders.
  • Lifetime guarantee - this knife boasts a lifetime warranty and therefore capable of delivering lifetime satisfaction.

What We Like/What We Don't Like



  • Sold at about 10-15 bucks and thus an affordable option
  • Stainless steel blade with amazing rust and collusion resistance capabilities
  • It can withstand harsh outdoor conditions
  • Great lifesaving tool
  • The handle is somewhat slippery
  • Its locking mechanism doesn’t hold it well

Outstanding Feature

This particular folding knife is crafted with quality and dependability in mind. It boasts a spring assisted opening thus making it suitable for rapid deployment.

The folding knifes locks securely courtesy of its spring assisted open folding.


TAC-Force Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knife is a tactical folding knife designed to offer an easy one-handed deployment.

It is also a viable lifesaving tool that does more than the average folding knife.


Buck 278BKG Fld Alpha Hunter Review

The Buck 278BKG Fld Alpha Hunter knife is the improved version of Buck’s reputable 110 Folding Hunter. It is referred to as one of the most copied knives in the market today.

Special Features

  • It has a solid and really nice design, which will make its clients feel like the knife was especially produced for them or their hands. This knife is also known for having a 420HC stainless steel blade, which has a gut hook.
  • This hunting knife by Buck weighs about 8 oz, which is just right to allow an easy hold. It has a rubberized handle where the border shows exposed metal from the body of the knife itself.
  • The upper part of this knife’s handle has a sport grip edge, which is known to give extra grip for additional safely. This knife comes with a stylish black nylon case.
  • The Buck 278BKG Fld Alpha Hunter knife is indeed one of the most reliable knives by Buck. Buck boasts of its 110-year existence in the business. It is a company that has been known for efficient and unique craftsmanship.

Buck also produces various knives, giving its clients several options to choose from. The knives they create have been carefully assessed and produced to meet the requirements and needs of the market.

They make high quality knives by using only the top of the line materials and the latest technology as far as creating knives is concerned.

Key Features

  1. The blade of this knife is made of 420HC stainless steel. It is also known for having a corrosion resistance feature coming from chromium stainless steel and the carbon alloys’ wear resistance.
  2. It is also made famous because of the heat treatment process of Buck, which makes the blade exceptionally strong. It can withstand frequent use, especially in extreme situations. The blade can also keep its performance for a long period as it can be re-sharpened easily.
  3. Drop Point – its blade also has a durable and thick point which makes this knife highly recommended for heavy-duty tasks. Accidental injuries can also be lessened because of its blade which drops down toward the tip. The blade is very strong.
  4. You can expect high quality and precision when using this knife.
  5. This knife is sold with a nice sheath or case and a warranty registration card.
  6. It also has a handle made of rubber that makes it easy to hold and carry around.
  7. The upper part of the handle has a sport grip edge for extra support and grip.
  8. The Buck 278BKG Fld Alpha Hunter also comes with a nice-fit and high quality black nylon case.
  9. Unconditional lifetime warranty also comes with this knife.

The right combination of its weight and great design make this knife one of the most sought after knives in the market today.

The unconditional lifetime warranty that also comes with the knife contributes to why it is the preferred knife of most hunters.

Outstanding Feature

This knife boasts of its one-handed opening. It is famous for its one-hand use feature, which is made possible through its thumb button, blade holes and other features.

Some models of this knife also offer the one-hand opening and the one-hand closing feature.

For more details check out Buck 278BKG Fld Alpha Hunter full review.

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Comparison Chart for Best Hunting Knife

NameFull ReviewBlade TypeGrade
Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade KnifeYesFixed Blade4.7/5
Mossy Oak 2-Piece Fixed BladeYesFixed Blade4.1/5
Bone Collector Hand Made Skinning/Hunting Knife BC808YesFixed Blade3.6/5
Elk Ridge Hunting Knife Two-Piece SetYesFixed Blade4.4/5
Sheffield Rogue 10-inch Fixed BladeYesFixed Blade4.4/5
Schrade SCHF36 10.4 in Stainless Steel Fixed Blade KnifeYesFixed Blade4.5/5
Case Cutlery 381 Case 316-5 Leather Hunter YesFixed Blade4.5/5
DKC-42 OTTER Tanto Fixed DamascusYesFixed Blade3.9/5
Cold Steel 38CKJ1 Hunting Fixed BladeYesFixed Blade4.5/5
Benchmade North Fork 1503 Folding Knife YesFolding4.7/5
Buffalo Horn 6.5'' Custom Handmade Damascus SteelYesFolding4.4/5
Kershaw Clash Black Serrated-1605CKTST YesFolding4.7/5
MTech USA Ballistic MT-A705 Folding Knife YesFolding4.5/5
TAC-Force Spring Assisted Rescue Folding Pocket KnifeYesFolding4.3/5
Buck 278BKG Fld Alpha HunterYesFolding4.5/5

Hunting Knife Buying Guide

Hunting knives are used during hunting for skinning the animal and cutting up the meat in other words to prepare the game to use as a food.
These knives are designed for cutting instead of stabbing. Hunting knives usually have a single sharpened edge with a slightly curved blade; sometimes blade has a straight portion to cut meat slices and a curved portion for skinning.
A hunting knife is a must have for hunters. This weapon plays an important role not only in dressing, skinning and preparing the game but also for the safety of a hunter.

Best Hunting Knives

Doesn’t matter where you are hunting and what you are hunting but a knife is an invaluable tool which helps you always. It is very important to have a right kind of knife when you are going to hunt.
You cannot attack the game with a knife which is designed for dressing meat. A right knife can enhance your experience of hunting. A good hunting weapon should be versatile enough to satisfy the needs of a hunter.
Before buying a hunting weapon you should consider that how you will use this weapon and what kind of game you are planning to hunt. Every game needs a different type of hunting knife so according to your requirements, you have to buy a suitable weapon.
Today in this article I am going to tell you everything about the hunting knives which will help you to get a better inside about these weapons.

History of Hunting Knives

The knife is one of the oldest weapons which are with the human from Stone Age. It is an ancient tool or weapon that remained unchanged till now.
With the help of hunting, knife hunters butcher the animal for meat and skin. It was also a defense tool to protect from predators. Initially, knives were made with the stones after that with the bones or shells. Ancient Egyptians fashioned wooden handles to hold stone blades.
In the Bronze Age, around 2000 B.C. hunting knives were made of bronze and ancient Greek people in Asia and Europe started to use Bronze blades.
In Iron Age 1000 to 800 B.C. knives were made of iron which was sharper and has durable cutting edges than bronze. But the iron knives were used to bend easily. Mixing of carbon in the iron solved this problem and now these iron blades become harder and improved rigidity and sharpness. In the time of Romans steel blades become common and from that time steel have become a dominating material in the production of knives.

One particular design of hunting knife became famous in early American history which was known as Bowie Knife. The Bowie Knife is a pattern of fixed blade knife which was created by James Black in early 19th century for the legendary pioneer James Bowie. This 10-15 inches long single edged steel knife was straight with a concave tapered point.
The next development was Swiss Army knife which made the folding knives popular among hunters. Swiss Army knife is a folding knife which put a small foldable toolbox in the pocket of hunters. Still many contemporary hunters keep Swiss Knife for dressing, butchering and general purpose of camping. Nowadays hunters use stainless steel or high carbon, high molybdenum or high chromium steel alloys.
Modern hunting knives are made of steel or stainless steel with a mixing of carbon content in the metal. The mixing of carbon determines the hardness of the blade, sharpness, finish, toughness and corrosion resistance.
From past 200 years, design and construction of hunting weapons have changed little and it is expected that in the future it will change little because of the advancement in metallurgy. Advancement in metallurgy allows the manufacturers to use new steel alloys which can improve the finish, hardness, and durability of knives. Till now hunting knives are used as a valued tool by enthusiastic and adventurous people.

Types of Hunting Knives

1. Camp / General Purpose Knives

These are the multi-purpose knives which can be used for most of the tasks that other hunting knives do. Camp knives have a large drop point which can do different things. Sometimes it is not feasible to carry several knives and you require to do many works such as wood cutting for fire, shelter preparation, clothing, skinning, dressing etc. with your knife. Camp knives can alone perform all these tasks.

2. Field Dressing Knives

Field dressing is a process to prepare the game for transport from woods to home. Field dressing is a quite easy process and does not take much time. You can even do the field dressing with a pocket knife. You have to protect the game from contamination. Cape knives can also perform this task.

3. Skinning Knives

Sometimes you need the skin of the game to tan the leather or for hides. For that purpose, the skin should remove carefully. One wrong cut can ruin a hide. Skinning requires concentration and patience. Some special blades are available for skinning which makes the whole process very easy and efficient. The size of good skinning knife blade should be around 3 to 3.5 inch with a drop point and big belly. The gut hook is also a nice feature which can make the skinning process easier. Your blades must be very sharp during skinning.

4. Caping Knives

Caping is a process to remove the head, face and shoulder skin of the game. If it is intact you can use it to create a trophy mount. Capping knife is useful on difficult animals where a super precision is required. It is like a skinning knife with Choils, some belly and drop point. Choils allows the fine precision cuts. The size of Caping blades can be between 1-1.5 to 2-2.5 inches. Caping knives can also use as a breasting blade for birds. You can also perform some other tasks with it such as cleaning trout and small fishes, and for skinning of a small game.

Style of Hunting Knives

When it comes to choosing fixed blade or folding blade hunting knives the debate goes on and on. Today I will tell you about both the knives in detail so that it will become easy for you to take a decision.

1. Folding Knife

Folding Knife

Folding knives have a casing in the handle which allows the blade to fold closed into the handle. When it comes to folding knives their fans argument goes something like this:


  • Folding blade knives are compact and pack up easily.
  • Folding Blade knives are lighter and easy to carry. You can easily transport folding knife in your pocket and people don’t even know that you are carrying a knife.
  • These knives allow convenient one-hand opening with a press button.


  • Generally, folding blade knives are not strong like fixed-blade knives but a well-constructed folding blade knife can be as tough as a fixed blade knife.
  • Fur, blood, mud etc. can get lodged in the casing which makes it difficult to clean the casing.

2. Fixed Blade

Fixed Blade Knife

Fixed blade knives permanently remain in an open position. Fixed blade knives are considered to be more serious and stronger knives.


  • Fixed blades are typically stronger and considered good for heavy duty work.
  • There is no moving part so they don’t break and considered to be more durable and reliable.
  • They offer more control so you can act fast during tactical hunting situations.
  • Fixed blade knives are versatile so you can perform a variety of task with them.
  • They do not have any casing so you can clean them easily.


  • They are longer than folding knives so should be carried in a sheath or bulkier.
  • These knives are less safe than folding knives during transport.
  • Climbing or sitting become uncomfortable because these knives get in the way.

Fixed knives are a better option for regular hunters or outdoorsmen and foldable knives are a better choice for the urban environment. If you are a regular hunter it is always wise to invest in a high quality fixed blade knife.
There are many types of Fixed and Flooding blades knives available. You can choose any kind of according to your requirements. When you decided about the fixed or folding, now it’s time to decide about the blades which fit best for your needs.

Blade Style of Hunting Knife

Choice of the blade depends on the type of game you are planning to hunt. There are many types of blades available but today I will discuss the blade styles which are most suitable for hunting.

Clip Point

Drop Point

Skinning Blades

Types of Blades

Plain Blades

Plain blades have plain, continuous and sharp edges. These kinds of blades serve a much wider purpose. Plain blades allow better precision and controlled cutting. These blades are best for push cuts and skinning.

Serrated Blades

Serrated blades have toothed or saw-like edges. These blades have gained popularity in recent years because of their utilization in field dressing and game butchering. These blades can be used on soft and flexible substance with downward cutting.
Serrated blades are best for slicing. You can also split the rib cage with the help of serrated blades. It is difficult to sharpen these blades. Specialty sharpening equipment is required to sharpen serrated blades.

Hunting Knives Blade Materials

Type of material which is used in making the blades plays an important role in the quality of knives. When you are buying a hunting knife you must consider the blade material as an important factor. The material determines the durability, sharpness, toughness, edge retention, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
Nowadays so many types of materials are used while making blades. It is not possible to discuss all kinds of materials but today I will tell about the best materials which are used to make best knives.

  • S30V Steel
  • 154 cm steel
  • vg-10 steel
  • 420 hc steel
  • d2 steel

S30V steel is an American made high end; high vanadium powdered steel which offers a combination of wear resistance, rust resistance, and toughness. The blades which are made with S30V steel are hard to sharpen but once they are sharpened they retain the sharpness much better than other blades with other materials. Most makers harden the S30V blades too much that they become prone to chipping at the edges.

Size of Hunting Knives

Now it’s time to decide the size of the blade. Everyone likes big blades but they are not always better because bigger blades have less control. It can become difficult to clean and prepare the game. Smaller knives are always easy to control and you can complete the whole process with much easier and controlled way.
If you want to clean a bird or squirrels then definitely you need a small knife which is lightweight and can easily fit into your pocket. If you are hunting big animal you might need a big knife. For most of the hunters, ideal blade length is between three to six inches.
Often we abuse the knife in the field while attempting the tasks which are outside their capacity. Today I will tell you about which kind of knife can be used for which kind of game.

  • Small Game Knives

Small games such as rabbit, fox, birds etc. do not require a large and heavy knife to dress or skin. Small games can be skinned with a small knife with short blades. The blade length should not be more than six centimeters.

  • Medium Game Knives

Medium games with thin skin such as deer, pigs, kangaroos etc. require a medium-sized knife with 6 – 8 centimeters blade. With the help of a medium size knife, you can easily skin and dress the medium size game.

  • Large Game Knives

Large games with thick skin such as buffalo, scrub bull etc. require a large hunting knife. Large games do not give up their skin easily, the skin is thick and tough and encrusted with mud, so you have to work hard and need a large knife to remove the skin.
Your knife might lose the edges in the skinning process. So it is better to use a soft steel knife which can be sharpened easily.
First, think about the jobs which you have planned to do with your knife and then decide which kind of knife will be suitable for you.

Knife Handles

Knife Handle

Sometimes when we are shopping for the hunting knife we do not even check the handle of the knife but the functionality of the knife depend on a comfortable handle.
Bone, leather and wood handles are very functional and look very pleasing but these handles might not provide the firm grip while wet with the blood or water. Some synthetic handle materials such as ABS, Kraton, and Zytel offer a good grip with an economical price. Synthetic handle materials are also lightweight and unbreakable.
For safety point of view, hunting knife handles should also have finger stop and other guards at the junction of handle and blade which stops the hand of the hunter from sliding on the blade.

When you hold a knife in your hand it should be very comfortable. If a knife is uncomfortable to hold it means it is useless. Sometimes handles are too short that you have to hold them tightly. It will tire your forearm, and sometimes handles are too big that it is difficult to control them. Before you buy the hunting knife hold the knife in your hand and make sure that you can comfortably handle the knife during extended uses.

Maintenance of Hunting Knives

If you maintain sharp blades it means your cut can be executed with minimum force. If you put excessive force on a blunt blade you can get wounds in your hands.
A sharp blade makes your work easy, fast, efficient and safe and you will enjoy your work. To protect all kind of blades including stainless steel blades from rust and corrosion you should wipe your blades with an oily rag after sharpening and cleaning.
To sharpen the knife effectively you should maintain a constant angle which is not an easy task for beginners. Only a skilled individual can sharpen the knife with a constant angle on an oil stone. There are many proprietary tools developed to fasten the sharpening process.
These tools include whetstones, oil stones, diamond stones, sharpening rods, electric sharpeners, pull through sharpeners and guided sharpening steel. Most of the people prefer sharpening rods because they are portable, light weight, easily available and require less expertise. Sharpening techniques includes three major steps.

1. Sharpening

This step is performed to remove unwanted material from the blade. To sharp, the blades rub the blades at about 20 to 30-degree angle against the sharpening tool. After this process, blades will taper and dullness of edges will remove.

2. Straightening

Straightening is done at about 15 to 20-degree angle. Straitening is done to make the edges straight by removing excess metal.

3. Polishing

Polishing is a finishing technique which gives mirror-like smooth edges.


The sheath is a covering case of a knife. It is not necessary to use sheath for folding knives but it is important for a fixed blade. The sheath offers an opportunity to the hunters or people to carry the knife safely without any danger to themselves or others. It also makes the knife readily available when it is needed. The sheath should be strong and tough enough which can hold the sharp blade of a knife securely. The sheath should be closely fit to the knife so that a knife does not come out until the person wants to remove it. A knife falling from its sheath can be very dangerous.

Hunting Knife Sheath

Earlier knife sheath was generally made with leather because the leather was readily available. The leather is tough which makes the sheath durable. Nowadays other materials are also used to make sheath but leather remains the top choice for everyone. Other materials which are used to make sheath are:

  • PVC (Polyvinil Chloride)

PVC is a rigid synthetic polymer of Polythene which is not durable and easy to torn.

  • Kydes

Kydes is a thermoplastic Acrylic Polyvinyl which is a thermoforming fabrication. Recently Kydes has gained popularity and it is used in the place of leather.
It is water resistance and remains in a steady shape which causes less disturbance and reduces friction when it is in use. Kydes is tougher and lasts longer. Frequent use of the Kydes can make the knife blunt.

  • Nylon

Nylon is used to make small pouches. It is cheap and worn easily. The leather is the oldest and best material which is used to make a sheath.
When leather is wet it is soft and it became very easy to work on the leather. Leather easily gets affected by rain, consistent moisture, and extreme heat.

Last Words

Choosing a hunting knife is a personal preference but in this article, I have provided in-depth information about the hunting knives which can help you in the decision-making process. Be assured that whenever you buy a hunting knife it should be comfortably fit in your hands. It should have a firm grip so that it does not fall from your grasp. A hunting knife should be the best fit for your needs.
I have tried to cover all the aspects about the hunting knives in this complete buying guide. I hope you find some useful information here and enjoyed it.