Kershaw Clash Black Serrated 1605CKTST Steel Blade Review

Searching for a folding knife that offers unique style and capability? Kershaw Clash Black Serrated-1605CKTST is ultimately the folding knife that is perfectly created for your indoor or outdoor tasks.
Crafted by Kershaw, Kershaw Clash Black Serrated-1605CKTST is of the highest quality just like other Kershaw folding knives the firm been crafting since 1970.

The fantastic knife boasts a high performance 8CR130V heat treated stainless steel, giving it amazing toughness, excellent edge retention capabilities and super strong wear retention capabilities.
This Kershaw Clash Black Serrated-1605CKTST review expounds more on this fantastic folding knife.

Things to be aware of before making a purchase

  • Blade

The knife’s blade is built for excellent toughness, wear resistance and superb edge retention. This is simply because the stainless steel used for making this blade is unique.
It is actually 8CR13M0V stainless steel with a beautiful black-oxide finish. Check whether the blade meets these standards prior to paying for your Kershaw Clash Black Serrated-1605CKTST folding knife.
The knife is also supposed to come with a drop point-blade as proof that it is capable of tackling your everyday tasks such as cutting ropes, stripping wires and opening cardboard boxes.

  • SpeedSafe assisted opening

This is a crucial feature of Kershaw Clash Black Serrated-1605CKTST and which you ought to check prior to purchasing the folding knife.
It helps you open and close the folding knife with ease, and its absence therefore will make it difficult to open this folding knife.

  • Handle material

Ensure the handle is textured glass-filled nylon handle. Devoid of the right handle material, this folding knife can never offer the solid grip you need in order to tackle your cutting tasks.

  • Is it made in the US?

Kershaw Clash Black Serrated-1605CKTST is made in the US. As such, check the product label to clarify whether the folding knife you are getting comes from the US. If not, then you can’t count on the authenticity of the knife.

What kind of knife is Kershaw Clash Black Serrated Steel Blade?

The versatile folding knife is made by Kershaw, one of America’s leading knife manufacturers. It is created for great toughness, wear resistance and edge retention.
With its drop-point blade that offers a perfect belly curve, the folding knife is revered for its excellent slicing capabilities. The blade is also partially serrated giving it ability to slice through tough materials such as webbings and ropes.
In addition, the blade has a black-oxide finish, specially made to enhance corrosion resistance and for giving the folding knife a non-reflective appearance.
It convenient features like a secure locking liner designed to offer safe lockup, reversible pocket clip that allows adjustable user carry and SpeedSafe assisted opening for easy and smooth opening make the knife very convenient to use.

Features and Benefits

  • SpeedSafe Assisted Opening

Helps you open the folding knife easily and quickly with a casual manual push on the knife’s thumb-stud.

  • Drop-Point Blade& Partial Serration

On top of a drop-point blade designed for precision slicing, the folding knife’s blade also features a black clash and a partial serration for cutting through tough materials.

  • Reversible Pocket Clip

Its handle has pre-drilled holes to help you adjust the tip position with ease.

  • Liner Lock

Helps lock the knife’s blade open when using the folding knife. It is also attached to a steel plate for enhanced security.

  • Designed for everyday carry

Carrying the Kershaw Clash Black Serrated-1605CKTST is such a breeze.
You just have to lock it up with its secure locking liner and then use the reversible pocket to adjust your carry conveniently.

What I Love About It

  • Extremely sharp
  • Superior quality
  • Well-built for everyday carry
  • Offers safe and convenient carry
  • thumbs-up
    Offers strong grip


  • Requires sharpening frequently to keep the blade razor sharp
  • Locking system has flaws
  • Not eligible for global shipping

Who is it for?

The folding knife is for everyone who wants a reliable folding knife they can use for virtually all their cutting needs.
The knife is still a favorite option for people looking for something they can use to cut through hard materials that any other knife can’t cut through.
Although Kershaw Clash Black Serrated-1605CKTST is overly a high quality knife, it not perfect for hunters and other people with challenging cutting tasks. Above all, it can only be used by experienced folding knives users. 


Here are a few alternatives for this knife:

1. Kershaw Cryo-1555TI- this folding knife is an affordable companion for the avid hiker, backpacker and hunter. It is made with precision and boasts spectacular craftsmanship. Its all-steel, sturdy construction increases it strength and durability.
The 2.75-inch folding knife offers amazing edge retention, excellent wear/corrosion resistance and excellent toughness.
The durable everyday carry folding knife is ideal for numerous tasks such as stripping wire, opening packages, aggressive animal defense and cutting zip-ties among other tasks the folding knife is suitable for.

2.  Kershaw Clash Serrated - it's a folding knife that is versatile and affordable alternative for the Kershaw Clash Black Serrated-1605CKTST.
Its beautiful, sturdy construction features SpeedSafe assisted opening, glass-filled nylon handle, a reversible pocket clip and a secure locking liner. Its 8CR13M0V stainless steel blade offers great corrosion and wear resistance capabilities.
The blade is double serrated and thus able to cut through fibrous and tough materials devoid of shredding.

3. G726M-GR Classic Folding Knife - this folding knife offers a Green G10 Handle crafted from durable stainless steel and fiberglass nylon.
The blade is made from quality 440C stainless steel. Its ergonomic handle comes with comfortable straps designed to protect your hand from slipping while using the knife.
The ultra-lightweight folding knife it's perfect for hunting, camping as well as hiking.

Final Verdict

Kershaw Clash Black Serrated-1605CKTST blends together style with functionality to create a folding knife that is suited for all indoor and outdoor tasks.
With a great set of innovative features meticulously blend together with each other, Kershaw Clash Black Serrated-1605CKTST delivers more than one can expect from a folding knife.