DKC-42 OTTER Tanto Fixed Damascus Hunting Knife Review

DKC-42 OTTER Tanto Fixed Damascus Hunting Knife

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DKC knives are customized and handmade, which talks a lot about their quality and great craftsmanship. Their unique design and the choice of materials that they use for this product give a uniquely different knife as compared to other machine made and factory finished knives out there.

Since the knives are handmade, you may see some imperfections like blemishes and inconsistencies with the external appearance of this product. It is something that you will not see in machine-manufactured products.

Because of this, color variations may also be normal. For example, the buffalo horn knife is primarily black, but you may see white areas. The white spots are natural parts of a horn material. But despite this, it’s the rawness that attracts most hunters around the globe.

DKC Knives is a company dedicated to produce premium and handmade knives at a very reasonable price. It is an American company that is based in the US, which means that all their products around the world were shipped from the US.

Despite its imperfections due to handmade technique in creating their knives, the DKC-42 OTTER Tanto Fixed Damascus Hunting Knife and the other knives they produce remain to be of high quality and highly-recommended by various owners around the world.


Just like the other knives in the market today, this one can offer a number of features that will give its competitors a good fight.

  • This knife, similar to other knives produced by DKC, is handmade, which means that the craftsmanship is excellent.
  • The Damascus steel this hunting knife is made of has over 252 layers of 15N20 & 1095 steel.
  • This hunting knife comes with a customized sheath made of high quality double layers of genuine leather.
  • The leather used in creating the sheath for this hunting knife has been custom-designed to achieve the natural look of a snake, an alligator and a leopard. Each is carefully designed and sketched on the leather. It is made to match the leather handle of the knife. Extra work was also performed to produce a more colorful, appealing, and unique look.
  • The blade of this knife has been 100% hand forged, which requires many hours of work.
  • The blade of this knife went through an excellent heat treatment and oil quenching process to give you the best blade for this knife.


  • While the rawness of the product may turn some consumers off, it is considered to be a great feature by some. Its rawness, for being handmade, adds to its uniqueness and character.
  • The genuine leather used for the sheath is durable and waterproof.
  • The built and size of this knife makes it look and fit well in your hands.
  • The heat treatment oil quenching ensure the blade’s durability and high quality craftsmanship.
  • The leather material used for the handle and the case of this knife does not only give it a classic look, but makes carrying or holding the knife a lot more convenient. It gives an extra grip which results in safer and easier use.


  • Since this knife is handmade, some imperfections may be present, such as blemishes.
  • Variations in color may also be observed because of the rawness of materials used and the fact that they are handmade.
  • The measurement and weight of the knife may also be slightly different from knife to knife because of the same reason – their knives are handmade.
  • Similar to items 1 to 3, the case of this hunting knife may also vary because they are also handmade.


Depending on what you value or what your perspective is, you can either love or hate the knives manufactured by DKC including the item featured here – DKC-42 OTTER Tanto Fixed Damascus Hunting Knife Mahogany Micarta 9″ Long, 5″ Blade 10oz Knife. Unlike the other knives in the market, which are machine-made, this knife, and the other knives DKC creates, is handmade.

The handmade process of creating their knives results in the rawness of the products that they produce.  The rawness means that products may come with some imperfections such as blemishes and slight inconsistencies especially in size, color and appearance.

While the said imperfections may turn some clients off, some consumers see it as a great quality. For those who find it positive, they say that the natural look of the product adds to its distinctiveness and character. They are concerned about the durability and usability of the product more than its physical appearance.

Hence, notwithstanding the negative connotation towards the product’s rawness, this hunting knife is a sure win and can definitely deliver, or even exceed, what hunters out there expect it to provide.