Sheffield Rogue 10-Inch Fixed Blade Hunting Knife Review

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No one understands the importance of a durable hunting knife the way Sheffield does. The company’s Sheffield Rogue 10-Inch Hunting Knife underscores this fact.
With a stainless steel blade crafted for durability and amazing strength, the brand new hunting knife is the excellent gift for the avid hunter. 

With bonus features and innovative design, the knife delivers quality coupled with outstanding functionality. This Sheffield Rogue 10-Inch Hunting Knife review elaborates this brand new hunting knife in detail.

Things to be aware of before making a purchase

  • Blade

The Sheffield Rogue 10-Inch Hunting Knife comes with a stainless blade. This blade is engineered to deliver strength and durability and with its absence, then purchasing this brand new hunting knife is literally spending on a counterfeit knife.
Consequently, confirm that the blade is made from stainless still before paying for Sheffield Rogue 10-Inch Hunting Knife. The blade should also be serrated to ensure the knife is practical for use.
Again, its blade must be 10-inches to serves as tangible proof the product is crafted by the original manufacturer.

  • Handle

The handle of the knife should be ergonomic. That serves as an assurance the knife will offer a comfortable grip as intended by the manufacturer.
Otherwise , getting a knife with a shorter handle will just make it difficult for you to use to use it effectively.

  • Seller

Always get your Sheffield Rogue 10-Inch Hunting Knife from an authorized seller. This can prevent you from purchasing counterfeit products from some unscrupulous dealers out there.

  • Bonus feature

Sheffield Rogue 10-Inch Hunting Knife package comes with bonus features like the fire starter and sharpener.
If the package doesn’t come with these bonus features, refrain from paying even a dime for the package.

  • 30-days money-back guarantee

This is also vital to confirm with your seller before paying for your Sheffield Rogue 10-Inch knife. The warranty grants you a full refund if you aren’t pleased with the knife’s performance or quality 30 days after buying it.
Devoid of this warranty, then you risk losing your money if the knife fails to deliver to your expectation.

What kind of knife is Sheffield Rougue 10-inch?

Sheffield Rogue 10-Inch boasts impressive quality by the virtue of being a product of Sheffield. It derives its superior durability from its stainless steel blade that is crafted for avid hunters and outdoorsmen.
The Rogue 10-Inch hunting knife is among the few hunting knives that come with a sharpener specifically for fine adjustments. With an extra sheath for safely storing the knife, together with a fire starter, the Rogue 10-Inch knife is a reliable option for campers.
Its affordable price makes the knife an attractive option for hunters with a limited budget.

Features and Benefits

  • 10-inch fixed blade

The knife’s stainless steel blade is excellently designed for durability. It also retains edge for longer and hence a wonderful pick for hunting, hiking and camping among other outdoor activities.

  • Ergonomic handle

It boasts a TPR handle that is ergonomically designed for comfortable grip. The knife is designed to fit well in your hand and for easy and comfortable use.

  • Designed for multiple uses

Sheffield Rogue 10-Inch Hunting Knife can be used for survival training, hunting, combat situations and camping expeditions. Simply put, this knife is beautifully engineered for multiple uses.

  • Impressive bonus features

Rogue 10-Inch Hunting Knife features a fire starter suitable for lighting camping fires, a bonus sheath for safe and easy use and a sharpener for edge adjustments.

  • Money Back

If you aren’t satisfied by the performance of this hunting knife or its quality, the 30-days money back guarantee ensures you are rightfully entitled to a refund.

What I Love About It

  • Durable stainless steel blade
  • Comfortable handle
  • Easy to move with it around courtesy of the bonus sheath
  • Beautiful design
  • thumbs-up
    Overall great quality
  • thumbs-up
    30-days money-back guarantee


  • Doesn’t offer lifetime warranty
  • Its blade tends to lose edge quickly
  • The sheath components are somehow loose

Who is it for?

Sheffield Rogue 10-Inch Hunting Knife is ultimately the real deal for avid hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.
Beautifully crafted for durability, this hunting knife is the best field companion for the average hunter. Campers can also purchase the Rogue 10-Inch knife due to its fire starter which they can use for lighting camping fires.
However, it isn’t the real deal for all inexperienced hunters with absolutely no experience working with a hunting knife.


Here are a number of excellent alternatives for this knife:

1. Mossy Oak War Horse- this 10-inch fixed blade hunting knife is a wonderful alternative for the Sheffield Rogue 10-Inch Hunting Knife. It includes a fire started and a sharpener.
It also has a full tang rubber handle designed for a comfortable and solid grip. It is overly a great hunting and camping knife.

2. 1064206 Ontario Knife - this high quality knife is made by Ontario Knife Company, one of Canada’s renowned knife companies.
Lightweight and made of high quality materials, it has an impressive, sturdy design and is designed with toughness and reliability in mind.

3. Ridge Runner Renegade Bowie Knife - the unbeatable, tough hunting knife is pleasantly looking and awesomely designed for hunting. With a full tang stainless steel blade, it can perform nearly all cutting tasks irrespective of how daunting they are.
It has a nylon sheath that features a belt loop, consequently allowing you to carry it for your hunting expeditions. This elegant hunting knife is truly a real gem for the price.

Video Review

Watch this video for additional details about Sheffield Rouge fixed blade knife.

Final Verdict

Sheffield Rogue 10-Inch Hunting Knife is absolutely a great option for outdoorsmen and hunting enthusiasts. It offers great features that are beautifully blend together to deliver great functionality and reliable use.
The Rogue 10-Inch Hunting Knife is hence a great pair for hunters, campers and hikers.

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