Buffalo Horn 6.5'' Custom Handmade Damascus Folding Pocket Knife Review

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Whether it is for indoor or outdoor use, having a folding knife with a superior quality comes in handy.
So, if you want a folding knife that can deliver on quality and still tackle your needs effectively, then Buffalo Horn 6-Inch Damascus Steel Brass is a solid selection for you. This folding knife isn’t your average knife. Instead, it is a real masterpiece.

Ideal for hunting, fishing and camping, the hand-made folding knife is of superior quality like other Damascus steel blades that have been popular for centuries now.
This comprehensive Buffalo Horn 6-Inch Damascus Steel Brass review gives you a glimpse into this magnificent hand-forged knife.

Things to be aware of before making a purchase

  • Sheath

The sheath of this hand-forged folding knife is made from genuine cow leather. Ensuring the sheath is created from genuine cow leather is imperative; since it is a clear sign the entire knife is authentic.
Just to confirm that the sheath is excellently manufactured, check whether the sheath has a double stitching together with strong thick threads.

  • Is it handmade?

This is ultimately the most notable distinction of Buffalo Horn 6-Inch Damascus Steel Brass. It is actually the exact reason why the folding knife stands out from countless folding knives.
If you suspect the Buffalo Horn 6-Inch Damascus Steel Brass you intend to pick is machine-made, then be pretty sure the knife isn’t the genuine version from the actual manufacturer.

  • Sharpening rod

Buffalo Horn 6-Inch Damascus Steel Brass folding knife features a sharpening rod that you can use for keeping its blade razor-sharp.
But if the knife you are getting doesn’t come with a sharpening rod, then avoid making any purchase for purchasing it will be pretty much like purchasing a counterfeit product.

  • Damascus Trademark logo

All Damascus blades bear a trademark logo showing the product is 100% handmade. Devoid of Damascus trademark logo, you are almost sure the knife isn’t original and thus you would be splurging money purchasing it.

What kind of knife is Buffalo Horn 6-Inch Damascus?

Buffalo Horn 6-Inch Damascus Steel knife is a superior quality, handmade folding knife manufactured by Damascus Steel Manufacturers. It is 100% hand-forged by artisan craftsmen using similar techniques to those used by ancient Damascus blade-smiths.
The folding knife is beautifully hand-crafted to provide you with a unique folding knife worth adding to your folding knives collection.
The folding masterpiece is an excellent choice for fishing, outdoors& sports, hunting and camping.
With a timeless classic design, the Buffalo Horn 6-Inch Damascus Steel Brass is designed to meet modern elegance.
Contrary to other ordinary folding knives, this folding knife is unique for it is hand-forged, decorative but versatile.
The package comes with a sharpening rod and stainless steel camel-bone knife pocket for safe storage.

Features and Benefits

  • Beautifully hand-made piece of art

Its steel blade is nicely hand-crafted with over 267 layers comprising of low carbon steel, high carbon steel and nickel thus ensuring unmatched functionality and guaranteed longevity.

  • 100% genuine cow leather sheath

To ensure quality manufacture, the knife’s sheath is crafted from 100% genuine cow leather. The sheath also has a durable stitching coupled with strong thick threads.
Basically, the sheath is designed to host your precious Buffalo Horn 6-Inch Damascus Steel Brass safely.

  • Excellent craftsmanship coupled with impeccable quality

The folding knife boasts unparalleled craftsmanship, thus ensuring it is properly engineered for your specific needs.

  • Outstanding design

With a sturdy construction using 100%premium steel, a comfortable Olive wood handle and a 100% genuine cow leather sheath, the folding knife offers a unique hand-made design suitable for indoor and outdoor tasks.

What I Love About It

  • A unique hand-made design
  • High quality sheath
  • Razor sharp-edge
  • Built for multiple uses such as hiking, camping, fishing and several other outdoor activities


  • Doesn’t retain edge for long
  • The leather sheath gets flimsy especially when rained on
  • Less tactical

Who is it for?

Buffalo Horn 6-Inch Damascus Steel Folding Knife is a dependable option for hiking, camping, fishing and sporting enthusiasts.
It is far from being perfect for inexperienced folding knives users. Still, the folding knife cannot withstand difficult outdoor tasks since it isn’t tactical and strong enough.
Also, it cannot be used for survival, combating and tactical situations. 


Below are some of the best alternatives for this handmade survival knife.

1. Damascus FN-S-349 Custom Handmade- this handmade folding knife is definitely an affordable choice for many. Its beautiful Olive Wood handle is crafted for beauty and comfortable grip.
This custom folding knife has a sharp edge that is capable of cutting and slicing through a variety of tough materials. The blade features a beautiful ladder pattern making it gorgeous and unique.

2.  Kershaw Emerson CQC-7K - the attractive folding knife is a nice pick for budget. Its razor-sharp tanto blade is crafted from high quality steel that features a stonewashed finish and a dual satin for enhanced durability.
It a nice choice for first responders, military, outdoor enthusiasts and literally anyone who wants a reliable folding knife.
Best of all, the knife is a reliable everyday carry for multiple tasks such as making fire kindling, opening packages, cutting cords and aggressive animal defense.

Final Verdict

Buffalo Horn 6-Inch Damascus Steel is absolutely a real masterpiece. The handmade folding knife is all-round and versatile, enabling it to make an excellent option for a variety of indoor and outdoor tasks.
It is unique and reliable, and thus perfect for anyone that wants a superior quality folding knife for nearly all their indoor and outdoor tasks.

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