Elk Ridge Hunting Knife Review

No hunting gear is complete without full tang hunting knife. For several decades now Elk Ridge has been producing topnotch hunting knives for the hunting adventurers.
Elk Ridge 2-Piece Hunting Knife highlights the company’s unwavering dedication to offering world class hunting knives for the today’s avid hunting adventurer.

The full tang knife comes with two stainless steel blades all in one knife. Both blades are crafted from 440 stainless steel, which help give the knife unrivaled hardness and amazing rust and collision resistant properties.
This honest Elk Ridge 2-Piece Hunting Knife review looks at this world class hunting knife in detail.

Things to be aware of before making a purchase

  • 2 full tang blades

Without these two 440 stainless steel blades, this hunting knife is never complete. The blades are ultimate proof that the Elk Ridge 2-Piece Hunting Knife you get can successfully handle your hunting needs.

  • Carry sheath

Carrying a 2-piece hunting knife can be complicated and therefore Elk Ridge 2-Piece Hunting Knife comes with a dual carry sheath for purposes of safe and easy carry.
Before paying for the hunting knife, make sure it has a dual carry sheath to make it easier to bring it with you in the wilderness.

  • Gut hook

The Elk Ridge 2-Piece Hunting Knife comes with a gut hook on its top edge. Ensure this hook is there before paying for your knife. Without the gut hook, the knife remains a counterfeit product that can’t meet any of your hunting or cutting needs.

  • Brand label

Elk Ridge 2-Piece Hunting Knife bears the label of Elk Ridge like with other knives produced by the reputable firm. In fact, the brand label is the single most important thing to look for, to tell whether the knife you are paying for is truly original.

  • Lifetime warranty

This warranty covers the Elk Ridge 2-Piece Hunting Knife for any repairs or sharpening issues. It is a critical part of the knife since it guarantees the user a quality knife they can use throughout their lifetime.
Ensure the Elk Ridge 2-Piece Hunting Knife you are purchasing is well covered by a lifetime warranty.

What kind of knife is Elk Ridge 2?

The top rated knife is a product of Elk Ridge, a popular firm with a solid track record of crafting award winning hunting gear including a wide array of hunting knives.
It offers 2 sets of 440 stainless steel blades therefore making it a great option for a skinning and hunting knife.
Unlike its previous versions alongside other high-end hunting knives that rarely have stainless steel blade, all its two blades are crafted from high quality 440 stainless steel to give it excellent hardness and edge.
It promises a hunting knife that is carefully designed for the ever busy hunting adventurer.

Features and Benefits

  • Two knives in one set

It features 2 sets of 7-inch edge hunting knife. This makes Elk Ridge 2-Piece Hunting Knife a cherished hunting and skinning knife that is convenient to use outdoor and in the wilderness.

  • 440 stainless steel blades

Its two blades are crafted for edge retention and excellent hardness. They are sturdy and durable, and therefore the entire knife can’t bend even when cutting hard animal skins or cutting through any other hard objects.

  • Dual carry sheath

Hunting knives can be very unsafe to carry particularly for inexperienced hunters. But Elk Ridge 2-Piece Hunting Knife features a nylon dual carry sheath to help hunters carry it with them easily and safely.

  • ABS handle

The 7-inch hunting knife comes with a camo ABS handle. This handle is unlike other types of handles. It has a non-slip texture ensuring you get a very firm grip when using the knife.
The handle feels comfortable in the user’s hand. In addition, it has a thumb limping located at the back of its blades for added control.

What I Love About It

  • Excellent grip and control
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Versatile
  • An innovative sheath
  • thumbs-up
    Designed for adventurer hunters


  • Doesn’t cut precision cuts
  • The handle isn’t well balanced
  • The blades loose edge over time

Who is it for?

The 2-piece hunting knife is superbly built for hunting adventurers. It is specifically nice for difficult cutting needs such as skinning animal skins. The ideal buyer of Elk Ridge 2-Piece Hunting Knife is a hunting enthusiast who is ever out hunting in the wildness.
But Elk Ridge 2-Piece Hunting Knife isn’t ideal for inexperienced hunters, as well as anyone who doesn’t know the specifics of using a 2-piece hunting knife. 


Below are some suitable alternatives for Elk Ridge 2-Piece Hunting Knife.

1. Szco Small Skinner- the small-sized hunting knife is built for hunting and skinning wildlife. For collusion resistance, it has a stainless steel blade crafted to retain edge for longer.
With a high quality leather sheath, the knife can be surprisingly easy to carry and use safely.
Its wooded handle gives you a comfortable grip while making precision cuts using the hunting knife.

2. Grace Custom Damascus - this handmade stunning hunting knife is professionally designed for hunting. Its stainless steel is rock solid and razor sharp.
The buffalo horn handle doesn’t only make the entire knife appear stunningly beautiful, but also provides the user with a solid, comfortable grip.
The genuine leather sheath ensures you keep using and carrying it safely throughout your hunting sessions.

3. Kershaw Buck Commander - if you want a reliable hunting knife for making precision cuts, this one here is truly quite an expensive choice.
It stainless steel blade features titanium carbo-nitride coating, therefore providing extraordinary collusion resistance capabilities.
Its glass-filled nylon handle offers a smooth solid grip, while the blade is ever razor-sharp.

Video Review

Watch this video for additional details about Elk Ridge 2-Piece Hunting Knife.

Final Verdict

Elk Ridge 2-Piece Hunting Knife offers great hunting equipment for the hunting adventurers. Built for tough hunting and cutting tasks, this topnotch knife combines versatility with a plethora of nice features to meet the daily needs of the hunters in the wilderness.
Manufactured by an internationally renowned brand, Elk Ridge 2-Piece Hunting Knife has what you need to make your hunting sessions worthwhile.