Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife Review

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With a constantly evolving battlefield, the demand for gear that offers versatile tools for survival and combat situations is at its record high. That is why Gerber has been churning out high quality survival knives since 1968.

Gerber Strongman Fixed-blade Knife- Coyote 30-001058 is one of the company’s highly sought after survival knives that are built for strength, survival and combat in mind. Here is an unbiased, Gerber Strongman Fixed-blade Knife- Coyote 30-001058 review.

Things to be aware of before making a purchase

Although survival knives are a crucial part of any survival gear, they are all not created the same just like with any other products.
There are plenty of essential things you definitely have to consider before picking your survival knife. Here are a number of them:

  • Handle

The handle should feel comfortable in your hand. It should also provide a firm grip so as to make the survival knife suitable for all kind of cutting tasks.
Gerber Strongman Fixed-blade Knife- Coyote 30-001058 comes with a diamond-texture rubberized handle hence giving you a solid grip, while making sure the knife feels comfortable in your hand at the same time.
Ensure the handle is diamond-texture rubberized. This guarantees you a sold grip on this survival knife therefore making it an excellent knife for all survival situations.

  • Blade

The blade of the survival knife should be capable of holding a good edge for longer. The blade should also be quite easy to sharpen and less susceptible to rust.
Gerber Strongman Fixed-blade Knife- Coyote 30-001058 boasts a full tang 420HC blade therefore making it overly durable for extended use. Its blade further features a ceramic coating which helps prevent collusion, thereby extending the lifetime of the survival knife.
The blade should be 420 HV with a ceramic coating. It is a sign that the survival knife is designed around the basics of military training.

  • Is the survival knife easy to customize?

A suitable survival knife needs to be easily customizable to perfectly meet your needs. This survival knife can be customized to suit your personal needs in the field.
It is designed to offer reliable use irrespective of whether you are off-duty or on-duty.

  • Manufact​urer

Purchasing a survival knife from a reputable manufacturer can guarantee you a high quality product.
Gerber Strongman Fixed-blade Knife- Coyote 30-001058 is manufactured by Gerber, a renowned leader in the industry and therefore it is definitely a high quality survival knife.

  • The sheath’s components

The sheath should have snap-together components therefore allowing you to mount this survival knife horizontally on your standard belt, vertically on the Molle or in a traditional drop-leg fashion.

  • Is it made in the US?

The original version of this knife is made in the US, and therefore any Gerber Strongman Fixed-blade Knife- Coyote 30-001058 that isn’t manufactured in the US is counterfeit.

  • Tang

This survival knife should have a full tang to ensure it is strong and durable enough.

What kind of knife is Gerber Strongman Coyote 30-001058?

Gerber Strongman Fixed-blade Knife- Coyote 30-001058 is a survival knife manufactured by Gerber, a firm that has been manufacturing survival knives for the military since 1968.
It promises an extremely high quality survival knife with a durable fixed-blade designed for survival and combat applications.
The survival knife comes with a 3.8 –inch blade, detachable belt hoops, snap-in Molle strap and nylon webbing. Its lifetime warranty means it is a high quality survival knife best suited for extended use.
It has a multi-mounted sheath system that can be mounted horizontally, vertically or in a traditional drop-leg fashion. In comparison with the market leader and other previous versions, the knife has innovative features consequently making it a dependable tool for survival and combat situations.

Features and Benefits

Multi-mount sheath system

Black ceramic coating

Diamond-textured rubberized handle


Lifetime warranty

Built for both combat and survival training

What I Love About It

  • A product of a popular brand
  • Easy to mount in multiple ways
  • Can be personalized to meet individual needs
  • Durable and less vulnerable to collusion


  • Blades require constant re-sharpening
  • Mounting sheath requires improvements
  • One needs to have combat and survival training to use it effectively

Who is it for?

Gerber Strongman fixed blade knife - Coyote 30-001058 is an excellent pick for anyone looking for a quality survival knife that is reasonably priced. It is a great selection for users looking for a survival knife that can be customized to meet their personal needs.
The ideal user should have some basic survival and combat training to be able to use the survival knife effectively.
The survival knife is nevertheless not suitable for persons who haven’t used a survival knife before. For such users, they can try other alternatives such as Gerber Remix Tactical, Gerber Prodigy and Anvil Bladesmiths Bullshark.


1. Gerber Remix Survival Knife is another option for the Gerber Strongman Coyote 30-001058. It has a stainless steel blade that is quite easy to sharpen and doesn’t rust.
It has a wooden handle, a fine edge that can withstand difficult cutting tasks. The knife is a great option for campers and almost everyone in the field.

2. Gerber Prodigy - The award winning knife is a suitable alternative for Gerber Strongman Fixed-blade Knife- Coyote 30-001058. It is of high quality and packs great features that make this small-sized survival knife an excellent cutting option. Its 42o HC full tang is carefully coated with a ceramic coating for reduced visibility and corrosion resistance. It boasts a friction lock and a Molle compatible sheath for easy mounting. Its ergonomic rubber handle ensures a comfortable, soft grip. The survival knife is best for virtually all combat situations.

3. Anvil Bladesmiths Bullshark - this open tactical rescue knife is an inexpensive choice that is engineered with quality in mind.
The lightweight survival knife features a seatbelt cutter and a precision glass breaker making it excellent for delicate cutting tasks. The stainless steel is designed for rust and collusion resistance.
Overall, the knife is best for self-defense and emergency situations. Its sturdy construction makes the knife far more durable than most high-end survival knives.

Video Review of Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife

Here is a video that explains more about Gerber Strongman Fixed-blade Knife - Coyote 30-001058 and how it works.

Final Verdict

Gerber Strongman Fixed-blade Knife- Coyote 30-001058 is a high quality survival knife that is built with combat and survival in mind.
It offers a solution to portability problems, thanks to its sheath system that allows you to mount it in different ways ranging from vertical to horizontal.
Most survival knives are unsafe to carry and thus getting a portable survival knife like this one is crucial especially if you are ever in the field.
Gerber Strongman Fixed Blade  Coyote 30-001058 is high quality knife from a renowned producer, and it is perfectly engineered to meet all your survival and combat needs.

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