All the Hunting Knives You Need to Know

All the Hunting Knives You Need to Know

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A hunting knife with exceptional quality will benefit hunters of all expertise, from beginners to advanced users.

The tool is advantageous since it is not only used for hunting and preparing game, but it can also cut and chop twigs and branches off trees. To make that experience of hunting more enjoyable, it is crucial for every user that the knife that they select is sharp and features the proper kind of blade.

When it comes to choosing a good knife, there are a few considerations that hunters have to take into account to ensure that what they are going to purchase is something that they will use for a long time. For starters, let us discuss the different types of hunting knives.

Types of Hunting Knives

Bowie knife

This is a knife that was created by famed American frontiersman James Bowie in 1830 and is distinguished by its single fixed blade, which has a length ranging from 6-15 inches. It also features a bone handle. Its curved end means it is perfect for skinning game while its straight, flattened segment is ideal for chopping up meat.

Drop point knife

This is a fixed blade knife that is a good choice among hunters and it is characterized by its plunging, slanted and blunt end that extends straight from its handle down to its point. The point of the knife is significantly strong and easy to manage. This is a good, versatile knife that is suitable for tasks that need the help of a formidable blade but still prevent damaging the internal organs of game.

Boning knife

The boning knife is a specialized knife that features a thin, short blade, which is suggested for splitting the bones from the flesh of the game.

Gutting knife

The gutting knife, also known as the gut hook, it is recommended for field dressing. It is characterized by its fixed blade which has a sharp, bowed extension on the top part. This is ideal for puncturing and slitting the skin of the game without doing damage to the intestines. It is also recommended for cleaning fish.

Multi-purpose knife

This is up for a number of tasks and it is typically a folding knife with several blades. Knives of this kind usually include additional items like scissors, screwdrivers, and knife blades, and some will even contain spoons and forks. This is a good knife to carry while camping.

Extra Buying Tips

Now that we have discussed the variety in hunting knives, let us discuss the kind of knife that will suit your hunting plans.

For big game hunting

Big game hunters will need a knife that will address their concerns for dressing game. Hence they will need a quality fixed blade knife. This kind of knife is always open so they are more durable, stronger, and more dependable. It also includes its own sheath for easier transport.

As for knife styles that will suit big game hunting, the drop point kind is considered by experts as the best among the lot for big game due to its formidable curved blade.

This design is meant for skinning bigger animals, gutting, butchering, and separating the rib cage and pelvis of the game. A gut hook knife is also recommended for splitting the game’s abdomen during field dressing.

In case you do not want a gut hook, you can select the clip point kind. This blade is typically slimmer and features a sharper blade, and is also ideal for opening a game’s abdomen without damaging its intestines.

For small game hunting

For smaller game, you can make do with a folding knife, a small fixed blade knife, or a pocketknife.

For occasional hunting

For hunters who hunt every now and then, you can make do with a mid-sized folding knife.

There are lots of hunting knives being sold in the market today, thus in order to score a great deal, you have to first know what you need and select the ones that will easily complement your preferences and requirements.

While it is likely to select a single knife that has a variety of functions, the majority of outdoor enthusiasts own and carry at least 2 hunting knives with them while hunting.

Additionally, no matter what kind of knife you go for, keep in mind to maintain and take care of those tools so they will last longer.