Benchmade North Fork 15031 Knife Drop-Point Review

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Ever since Benchmade set out to craft the best and most tactical knives in 1988, the company has never disappointed its clients for it has been manufacturing high quality knives each year.
Benchmade North Fork 1503 is a relatively new entrant into the market, but the tactical folding knife is already winning the hearts of many folding knives users.

Boasting an excellent combination of handy features that suits everyday use, North Fork-1503 has proved to be a very reliable all-round knife. The folding knife isn’t just built for hunting, but also suitable for other uses as well.
This Benchmade North Fork 1503 review explains everything about this versatile, tactical knife.

Things to be aware of before making a purchase

  • Quality

The quality of a folding knife is ultimately among the most essential things you should consider way before you purchase a folding knife. Evaluate whether the Benchmade North Fork-1503 you intend to get is engineered for high-quality.
For instance, check whether the knife has a CPM-S30V stainless steel blade and a balanced handle among other key features associated with high quality.

  • Is it well designed?

North Fork-1503 is exceptionally well-designed. Before buying the knife, check for design to ensure you are getting a well-balanced knife as intended by Benchmade.
Otherwise, you might actually purchase a folding knife with a terrible design if you forget to check whether the Benchmade North Fork-1503 you are investing in is well-designed.

  • Is it comfortable enough?

The North Fork-1503 is designed to feel comfortable in your hands. If the knife doesn’t feel comfortable, then it is apparent the knife isn’t manufactured by Benchmade itself.

  • Is the knife guaranteed for life?

All Benchmade knives and other products are guaranteed for life with the company’s lifetime warranty.
Confirm with your knife seller whether the Benchmade North Fork 1503 folding knife you have decided to purchase is guaranteed for life with the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

What kind of knife is Benchmade North Fork Drop-Point?

Designed and manufactured by Benchmade, North Fork-1503 is an all-round compact knife featuring a recurved blade to help you with your cutting tasks. The knife is made for hunting, but it can still be utilized for other tasks and in various outdoor activities.
Unlike other Benchmade knives, the folding knife is crafted to deliver great performance coupled with enhanced durability.
Even some of the most popular folding knives can’t match the degree of versatility offered by Benchmade North Fork-1503.
Again, even the market leaders cannot tackle as many tasks as the ones this folding knife can tackle. It is ultimately one of the world’s best folding knives that are perfectly designed to provide uninterrupted long term use.
The package offers a lifetime warranty, a comfortable wooden handle and a high quality CPM-S30V stainless steel blade.

Features and Benefits

  • High quality

With a high quality CPMS30V stainless steel blade, the folding knife is exceptionally well-balanced. The blade provides impressive edge qualities and excellent rust/ collusion resistance capabilities.
It has a well-balanced and ergonomic wooden handle, designed for more resistance to harsh outdoor conditions.

  • Great design

North Fork 1503 comes with Benchmade’s AXIS lock, which is fully ambidextrous and extremely strong. The lock ensures the knife opens and closes single-handedly.

  • Created for hunting

The knife’s drop-point blade is ideal for the avid hunter. It is ideal for skinning and for making precision cuts.

  • Lifetime guarantee

With the Benchmade’s limited Lifetime Warranty, Benchmade North Fork 1503 is meticulously built for lifetime use.
With the tactical knife also comes a LifeSharp Service keep , a service offered purposely to keep the knife in good working condition all the time.

What I Love About It

  • Sturdy construction
  • Superb edge retention
  • Handy hunting tool
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • thumbs-up
    Comfortable grip


  • Handle chips off after some time
  • Absence of a reliable sheath makes it unsafe to carry around
  • Expensive choice of a folding knife

Who is it for?

Benchmade North Fork 1503 is excellent for campers, hikers and hunters. The drop-point blade makes North Fork 1503 a handy hunting tool for skinning and slicing wildlife. Ideally, the knife suits anyone keen on getting a reliable folding knife.
North Fork-1503 isn’t ideal for knives buyers with a relatively small budget.
Again, its razor sharp blade can potentially make it unsafe for inexperienced hunting knife users. 


Below are some excellent and affordable alternatives for the Benchmade North Fork 1503.

1. Gerber Sharkbelly Folding Knife- this versatile folding knife boasts a 320HC stainless steel blade for both precision cutting and for cutting remarkably tough materials.
The scratch-resistant pocket clip offers a tip down carry that prevents the knife’s razor sharp blade from tearing your pockets. Its unique flat top serrations are quite easy to sharpen even on a flat stone. This makes the knife practical for everyday use.

2.  Kizer Knives V4423A1 - this quality folding knife is reasonably affordable than Benchmade North Fork-1503. Its sturdy G10 handle offers excellent grip when making your cuts and its 7.85-inch blade is perfectly suited for cutting through hard materials.
Overall, the knife is a formidable rescue and hunting tool.

3.  Spider Gear SG76 - this particular folding knife boasts a strong fixed blade, excellent craftsmanship and a nylon sheath for reasons of easy carry.
The blade is derived from D2 steel, which is renowned for strong abrasion and wear resistant properties. This extends the blade’s longevity and ensures it doesn’t lose its razor sharp edge.

Final Verdict

Despite being pricey, Benchmade North Fork 1503 still remains a high quality and extremely durable all-round folding knife. Its topnotch features combined with high performance ensure the folding knife suits your everyday needs.
Overall, North Fork 1503 takes pride in being a product of a respectable brand and it is specially built for tackling multiple tasks.
Whether you want a reliable hunting knife, a reliable outdoor companion or you want something to use for making precision cuts, this tactical folding knife is your best bet.

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