Schrade SCHF36 10.4 Inch Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Knife Review

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Like with any other avid hunter, chances are you want nothing short of a trustworthy knife that is suitable for outdoor adventurers.
The Schrade SCHFC36 10.4-Inch Hunting Knife is without doubt the hunting knife that has been crafted for all outdoor activities, may it be hiking, camping or executing bush craft. 

Designed by Schrade, an insanely popular knife company with a wealth of experience in making trustworthy hunting knives, Schrade SCHFC36 10.4-Inch Hunting Knife is the perfect companion every hunting enthusiast craves for.
It is created purposely for outdoor survival. This unbiased Schrade SCHFC36 10.4-Inch Hunting Knife review will ultimately help you understand why the knife is suitable for your outdoor survival.

Things to be aware of before making a purchase

  • Schrade logos

If you can’t locate this logo on the knife’s blade, then avoid purchasing it. All Schrade knives bear the company’s logo as a mark of authenticity and quality.
Regardless of where you are purchasing your Schrade SCHFC36 10.4-Inch Hunting Knife from, always ensure the logo is visible on the knife’s blade.

  • Polyester belt sheath

This sheath is worth looking for before purchasing this outdoor knife. it is designed to give you easy and quick access to the knife.

  • Security features

Although the Schrade SCHFC36 10.4-Inch Hunting Knife is overly secure, ensuring the knife is fitted with the requisite security measures is vital.
For instance, confirm whether it has a grip jimping, finger choil, from quillon and a thumb. With these security features, the knife’s blade won’t risk slipping off whenever you are carrying it.

  • Dimensions

The ideal Schrade SCHFC36 10.4-Inch Hunting Knife measures 10.4 inches and weighs 12.3 ounces. If you get this knife with different dimensions, then it isn’t worth buying.

  • Power coated carbon stainless steel blade

This blade is the knife’s mark of durability. The Schrade SCHFC36 10.4-Inch knife you intend to purchase should have exactly this type of blade.

What kind of knife is Schrade SCHFC36 ?

  • Schrade SCHFC36 10.4-Inch Hunting Knife is a strongly performing hunting knife created by Schrade and suits all outdoor activities from executing bush craft, hiking to camping.
  • It is dependable, secure and always ready for outdoor use.
  • The lightweight knife has a reliable blade made for strength and durability.
  • It is comfortable to hold courtesy of its TPE blade and a polyester sheath for purposes of easy carry.
  • Schrade SCHFC36 10.4-Inch Hunting Knife has a sturdy full tang design and built on fine craftsmanship.
  • It is basically crafted for outdoor survival as well as everyday outdoor use.
  • It 's quite tactical compared to its previous versions and the industry leader.
  • The package comes with features like sharpening stone, lanyard hole and a Ferro rod.

Features and Benefits

  • Awesome durability

Due to its powder coated carbon stainless steel blade, Schrade SCHFC36 10.4-Inch Hunting Knife is remarkably durable and thus perfectly suits any outdoor lifestyle.

  • Highly secure

With impressive security features like finger choil, grip jimping and front quillon, the knife holds its blade remarkably well preventing it from slipping off.

  • Lightweight

Schrade SCHFC36 10.4-Inch Hunting Knife is small in size at 10.4 inches long with a net weight of 12.3 ounces. Therefore, carrying it for your hunting expeditions is quite convenient.

  • Polyester belt sheath

This high quality sheath is conveniently built to offer easy and fast access to the knife

  • Always ready for use

With a sturdy full tang design coupled with innovative features like the sharpening stone, lanyard hole and a Ferro rod, Schrade SCHFC36 10.4-Inch Hunting Knife is always ready for outdoor use.

What I Love About It

  • Unrivalled durability
  • Designed for outdoor survival
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • High quality, tactical blade
  • thumbs-up
    Innovative polyester sheath
  • thumbs-up
    Highly dependable


  • The powder coating on the blade easily retains debris and dirt
  • Handle isn’t properly balanced
  • Sharpening is usually difficult

Who is it for?

Schrade SCHFC36 10.4-Inch Hunting Knife is apparently a great choice for hiking, executing bush craft and other outdoor activities.
The hunting knife is a nice purchase for the avid hunter. It is worth buying by anyone who frequently indulges in outdoor adventures. Nevertheless, Schrade SCHFC36 knife isn’t ideal for indoor use.
Its extremely sharp edge can easily cut someone especially if they have never utilized a hunting knife before. 


Are there some excellent alternatives for this hunting knife? Yes there are a few.
Below are a number of them.

1. Columbia River Knife 2790 Pangolin- the stout tactical fixed blade knife is an excellent choice for outdoor use. The knife works best as a hunting knife for skinning wildlife, and as a personal carry knife.
With a modified drop-point blade coupled with a black powder corrosion/rust resistant finish, it can perform any task both on a mission and in the field. Small but versatile, this knife can do so much work, while its ergonomic design helps you leverage this knife to maximum possible benefit.

2. Sheffield Rogue 10-Inch - the outdoor knife is suitable for survival training, hunting and camping expeditions. Its long ergonomically designed TPR handle provides comfortable design, and it also includes a fire started, extra sheath and a sharpener.
It is a worthy option for hunters and avid outdoorsmen. It's an affordable alternative for the Schrade SCHFC36.

3. CIMA-1 Upgraded Version -the full tang hunting knife is lightweight, with a net weight of 0.5 pounds. With a textured micarta handle, the knife feels super comfortable in the hand. The handle and the blade are fixed firmly together with a six-star screw.
This hunting knife is the typical outdoor enthusiast’s best friend. It is perfectly engineered for outdoor adventurers, hiking, mountaineering and other outdoor activities.

Video Review

Enjoy this video review for additional details about Schrade SCHF36 Stainless Steel.

Final Verdict

Schrade SCHFC36 hunting knife is a trustworthy hunting knife designed for outdoor adventurers and avid hunters. It is tactical and boasts a full tang sturdy construction therefore making it a favorite choice for camping, hiking and a wide array of outdoor activities.
Overall, Schrade SCHFC36 Hunting Knife is a nice pair to own for your outdoor activities.

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