Cold Steel 38CKJ1 Hunting Fixed Blade Knife Review

Cold Steel 38CKJ1 Hunting Fixed Blade Knife

This is Cold Steel’s SRK or survival rescue knife. When it was being designed and built, the company only had one purpose: is to create a tough and multi-purpose survival tool such as this knife, which would be very critical during a survival and rescue situation.

In a survival and rescue situation, versatility, speed of use and durability are all very important. Specifically, when we talk about a knife in that situation, we need a knife that can stand the most difficult and extreme situations. And that is what was in mind when the Cold Steel SRK or Survival Rescue Knife was designed and built.

The Cold Steel 38CKJ1 Hunting Fixed Blade Knife is a widely known knife among the Military and Tactical Law Enforcement personnel. It is the standard knife of the Navy SEALS for their Basic Underwater Demolition training or BUDS.

Cold Steel is a company which is devoted to create and design the most durable, sharpest and the best knife in the world. Since the start of the company in 1980, Cold Steel has been a leader in innovation and design as far as creating knives is concerned.

It has spearheaded many unique creations, which has developed and defined the knife industry and made it what it is today. It has introduced several groundbreaking products including the product feature here, the Cold Steel 38CKJ1 Hunting Fixed Blade Knife.


As shown in the introduction part, this knife is popular because of the durability and versatility it offers, especially during survival and rescue conditions.

This has made this knife a popular choice among Military and Tactical Law Enforcement personnel. To better appreciate the Cold Steel 38CKJ1 Hunting Fixed Blade Knife, below are its features for your reference.

  • This knife measures just right for the user to handle and carry it comfortably during a rescue and survival situation. It measures 8 by 1.5 by 1 inches and weigh 8.2 ounces.
  • The blade of this knife is very durable and can be used in extreme conditions. It is 5 mm thick.
  • The blade is designed using the clip point style.
  • This knife comes with a really nice sheath which is made of Kydex.
  • The product is made of vg-1 stainless steel with black tuff-ex finish.


  • The blade has been designed using the clip point style. This design is one of the three most common shapes of knife blades. It is designed to have the forward third of the blade “clipped” off. The clip can either be straight or it can be concave. This blade style is good because it allows a quicker and deeper puncture upon insertion. The clip point blade also allows the user to execute a faster and easier “attack and stabbing” benefit with lesser drag during insertion and quicker withdrawal.
  • The vg-1 stainless steel that make up this product is truly an advantage as the blade can be used for an extended period of time, without it suffering from rust or getting damaged easily.
  • The nice sheath that comes with the knife adds to its appeal and greater marketability.


  • Unfortunately, the Cold Steel 38CKJ1 Hunting Fixed Blade Knife is not yet available for international shipping.
  • Unlike the drop point style of blade, the clip point blade style has a narrower and moderately weaker tip.
  • The clip point blade style is also weaker than the spear point. Because of this, some consumers would actually favor the spear point blade style.


With the many hunting knives in the market today, the Cold Steel 38CKJ1 Hunting Fixed Blade Knife is definitely not left behind. The qualities and features that make it the knife of choice in rescue and survival operations put it in the forefront as far as hunting knives are concerned. Its durability and versatility are both great qualities that hunters look for.

The clip point style blade style that allows a quicker and deeper puncture upon insertion is definitely a plus, especially for hunting or similar activities. The ability it will give the user to attack and stab faster and easier is also a benefit that is like no other.

According to some reviews, this knife comes in a very nice package. Its sheath looks wonderful and its design and finish are also almost flawless, which add to its appeal and overall marketability. The blade is thick and razor sharp, but it weighs just right to hold and carry comfortably.

The handle, according to some reviews, is also nice allowing better grip when in use. The handle also does not have rough spots, which sometimes cause discomfort when holding it. In general, this knife is really great and you should give it a shot.

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Cold Steel 38CKJ1 Hunting Fixed Blade Knife
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