Buck 278BKG Fld Alpha Hunter Review

Buck 278BKG Fld Alpha Hunter

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This knife is the advanced version of Buck’s reputable 110 Folding Hunter, which is known to be one of the most imitated knives in the market today.

This knife has a solid and smooth design, which will make you feel like it was specifically made for you or your hand. This knife also boasts of having a 420HC stainless steel blade, which also has a gut hook.

The Buck 278BKG Fld Alpha Hunter Knife weighs about 8 oz and has a rubberized handle which leaves the border with exposed metal from the body itself. The top part of the handle also has sport grip edges, which provides extra grip. It is also sold with a perfect fit, high quality black nylon case.

This knife is indeed reliable because it is manufactured by Buck. Buck is a company that boasts 110 years of being in the business alongside efficient craftsmanship.

They are known for making high quality knives as they are manufactured using the best materials out there and the most up to date technology in knife manufacturing industry.

They produce a wide range of knives to give their consumers several options to choose from. The knives they offer have been carefully thought of and designed to meet the demands of their increasing market.

The perfect combination of light weight and the wonderful design make this knife one of the most in demand knives in the market today. The unconditional lifetime warranty that comes with this product adds to the marketability of this product.


  • It has a one handed opening – this knife is popular for having a thumb button or stud, blade holes and other features, making a one-hand use feature possible. Some models provide a one-hand opening as well as one-hand closing.
  • The blade of Buck 278BKG Fld Alpha Hunter hunting knife is made of 420HC stainless steel. This knife is also equipped with carbon alloy wear resistance and the corrosion resistance coming from chromium stainless steel. It also boasts of Buck’s very own heat treatment process, making the blade of this knife excellently strong to withstand regular use and normal wear and tear. The blade is also very easy to re-sharpen after several uses to maintain its performance.
  • Drop Point – The blade of this knife has a strong and thick point which is recommended for heavier tasks. But this knife can also be used for general types of tasks. Accidental injury can be minimized with its blade because it drops downward toward the tip. The drop point blade is very durable and versatile as well.
  • This product was made with precision and high quality.
  • This knife comes with a box, sheath or case, and a warranty registration card.
  • The Buck 278BKG Fld Alpha Hunter also has a rubberized handle making it easy to hold and carry around.
  • The top of the handle also has sport grip edges for additional support or grip when you use it.
  • It comes with a perfect fit and high quality black nylon case.
  • It comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty.


  • The Buck 278BKG Fld Alpha Hunter can be used for various outdoor activities, making this knife a really versatile product by Buck.
  • The one-hand feature, both to open and close, and also when using it is, a great feature as it makes the product very convenient to use.
  • The easy to re-sharpen feature is also a great one as it means that the knife can keep its usability or sharpness forever. Customer feedback says this knife stays sharp for many years and would only need a little sharpening once in a while.
  • The rubberized handle makes it easy for the owner to hold and carry it and to use it.
  • According to a customer review, the case of this knife can be carried either vertically or horizontally, which adds to the knife’s overall flexibility.
  • The lock of this knife works pretty well and has not failed its clients, according to some reviews.


  • According to one customer review, the steel underneath the scale rusted easily.


As discussed in the introduction section, you can say that behind each Buck knife is 110 years of great and high quality craftsmanship. Buck has been successful in producing knives that have met the demands of the market and have exceeded their expectations throughout the years.

And one example of that is the Buck 278BKG Fld Alpha Hunter. The said knife has gone through several tests and has been carefully designed and manufactured to give you a knife that you will feel was especially made for you.

With its unconditional lifetime warranty, you can clearly say that the Buck 278BKG Fld Alpha Hunter is a product that is worth every cent and recommended by most hunters around the world.