Bone Collector Hand Made Skinning & Hunting Knife BC808 Review

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With the hunting season just around the corner, Bone Collector understands just how crucial having a quality knife in your hunting gear is.
As such, the company presents you with their 5-star rated hunting knife, Bone Collector Handmade BC808, purposely to ensure your hunting, camping and fishing needs are all well taken care of.

The small hunting and skinning knife blends a sturdy construction with a razor sharp blade, consequently making the hunting knife a worthy pick for your knives collection.
Here comes a comprehensive Bone Collector Handmade review to help you see exactly how well built this hunting knife is for your hunting needs.

Things to be aware of before making a purchase

  • Sheath

Bone Collector HandmadeBC808 has a customizable sheath,. Take a look at the sheath prior to buying the hunting knife. Just in case the sheath isn’t customizable, then the hunting knife isn’t the original product.

  • Lifetime warranty

A warranty is crucial when purchasing a hunting knife. It is the ultimate proof that the knife can serve you adequately for decades to come. Since Bone Collector HandmadeBC808 offers a lifetime warranty, ask the seller whether the hunting knife they are offering has a lifetime warranty. If not, then desist from purchasing it.

  • Sturdy construction

The original Bone Collector HandmadeBC808 boasts a sturdy construction to suit challenging outdoor tasks. If the knife you are getting doesn’t have a sturdy construction, it means that it isn’t the real product from Bone Collector.

  • Company’s label

Like with other knives manufactured by Bone Collector, the  Handmade BC808 has the company’s logo that is clearly visible on the blade. The label is a solemn indication that this hunting knife is truly a product of the company. Look for the logo before paying for the hunting knife.

  • Full-tang blade

Bone Collector Handmade BC808 has a stainless steel full tang blade. Again, the blade is stainless steel coated for corrosion resistance. Ensuring the full tang blade is according to the manufacturer’s standards ensures you will be getting great value after purchasing this hunting knife.

What kind of knife is Bone Collector Handmade BC808?

Crafted by Bone Collector, the Bone Collector Handmade BC808 is among the high quality hunting knives manufactured outside the US.
Its sturdy construction, stainless steel blade and a customizable sheath make it stand out from a clutter of hunting knives. Best of all, Bone Collector HandmadeBC808 is wonderfully designed for the avid hunter and outdoor enthusiast.
Designed with outdoor use in mind, this knife is a nice pair for hunting, camping and fishing among other outdoor activities.
Unlike its previous versions and other high-end knives, the Bone Collector knife boasts a comfortable handle, a collusion resistance blade and a customizable sheath, all of which combined make the knife quite versatile for hunting and other grueling outdoor activities.

Features and Benefits

  • Perfect size

Bone Collector Handmade BC808 is lightweight and small. It thus means the hunting knife is light to carry around and hence the perfect outdoor companion.
Its pleasantly looking handle provides a strong grip but still feels comfortable when holding in your handle.

  • Great edge retention

Its stainless steel full tang blade holds a razor sharp edge that can withstand even the most sophisticated cutting tasks. Whether cutting steaks or tough animal skins, this hunting knife can handle all forms of cutting tasks.

  • Extremely well designed

The hunting knife is designed for hunting and skinning. The sturdy construction keeps it on great condition for many years. Its versatility coupled with a superb design makes the hunting knife a worthy selection for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Lifetime gift

With an impressive lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, Bone Collector HandmadeBC808 is truly a lifetime gift that is ever ready for use for many decades.

  • Customizable sheath

The sheath is quite easy to personalize. Whether you want to carry Bone Collector BC808 along your belt or in your pockets, the sheath offers several carrying positions to enable you select the carrying position that perfectly suits you.

What I Love About It

  • Great edge retention
  • Comfortable handle
  • Rust and collusion resistant
  • Designed for hunting and skinning
  • thumbs-up
    Study design and construction


  • The leather sheath snaps around when the knife is mounted on a belt
  • One side of the handle is a bit longer
  • Not manufactured in the US
  • thumbs-down
    The knife slides out of its sheath once buckled up

Who is it for?

The hunting knife is well built for campers, hikers and hunters. The versatile features of this hunting knife make it suitable for other outdoor activities as well.
It is a valuable purchase for hunters, military personnel and outdoor fanatics. Although it has an extremely sharp edge, this makes it unsuitable for persons who lack any experience with hunting knives.


Here are some great alternatives for Bone Collector HandmadeBC808.

1. Damascus 1 Stag Horn - this precious hunting knife is a beautifully crafted piece of art. It feels great in the pocket and in the hand. To ensure excellent manufacture, it comes with an amazingly high quality 100% leather sheath.
It offers a huge selection of handle materials ranging from Camel Bone, Micarta, Ram Horn to Olive wood. These unique handle materials make the entire hunting knife truly one of a kind. With a razor sharp blade that never loose edge, this knife is a wonderful pair to own for your hunting needs.

2. An-9013 Damascus Knife - this hunting knife is an amazing alternative for Bone Collector Handmade BC808 and for a good reason. First, it has a high grade stainless steel blade that comprises of mixed welded layers as well as high and low carbon layers.
The pleasantly looking hunting knife is manufactured from high quality materials and specially designed for all outdoor activities.

Final Verdict

Bone Collector Handmade BC808 is crafted for hunting and skinning. With this awesomely built hunting knife, you have a reliable pair of hunting knife that can help you accomplish all your outdoor and hunting needs.
With impressive versatility, great design, lifetime warranty and a customizable sheath, Bone Collector BC808 is worth purchasing for almost any cutting and hunting tasks you want to accomplish.

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