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Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife Review

Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife ReviewWith a constantly evolving battlefield, the demand for gear that offers versatile tools for survival and combat situations is at its record high. That is why Gerber has been churning out high quality survival knives since 1968.Gerber Strongman Fixed-blade Knife- Coyote 30-001058 is one of the company’s highly sought after […]

Buck 119 Hunting Knife Review

Buck 119 Hunting Knife ReviewIn order to have a successful hunting or camping trip, you must make sure you have all the necessary tools to ensure a smooth trip.A hunting knife doubles as an essential and multipurpose tool as well as a form of protection against anyone or anything that could be lurking in the […]

CDS-Survival Premium MOVA-58 Hunting Knife Review

For hunters, the hunting knife is considered one of the most indispensable items of his gear. A hunting knife with great quality will last for plenty of years so if you are on the hunt for a hunting knife that works, think of the item as a long-term investment. Furthermore, apart from quality, you have […]

Knife King Janus Damascus Handmade Hunting Knife Review

Each and every hunter knows that a hunting knife that is high in quality is his most dependable companion out of doors. Apart from taking down prey and dressing the game, one can also use it for a number of purposes. You can chop and cut tree branches with it, perform emergency repairs on certain […]

Perkins Knives J2 Steel Handmade Hunting Knife Review

Hunting knives are designed to perform a variety of functions, from dressing a game down to accomplishing common tasks on camp sites. The options for this kind of knife are infinite and they run the gamut from small blades, big ones, knives with wooden handles and rubber ones, feature fixed or folding styles, and a […]

Klecker Hunting & Tactical Folding Knives Review

Are you an active outdoors enthusiast? Do you like venturing into the wild frequently? Then you know that a hunting knife is an essential tool that should be included in your gear. Hunting knives are not only relegated to dealing with game; they can also perform a variety of tasks due to their fortified structures […]

Columbia River Knife and Tool 2861 Hunt’ N Fisch Knife Review

Looking for an excellent hunting knife can be quite a task due to the sheer availability of brands and models. Choosing just one model among the lot of thousands may confuse users, most especially beginners. Knives with superior quality often feature distinctive characteristics, which make them good buys and appeal not only too keen collectors […]

Buck 278BKG Fld Alpha Hunter Review

This knife is the advanced version of Buck’s reputable 110 Folding Hunter, which is known to be one of the most imitated knives in the market today. This knife has a solid and smooth design, which will make you feel like it was specifically made for you or your hand. This knife also boasts of […]

DKC-42 OTTER Tanto Fixed Damascus Hunting Knife Review

DKC knives are customized and handmade, which talks a lot about their quality and great craftsmanship. Their unique design and the choice of materials that they use for this product give a uniquely different knife as compared to other machine made and factory finished knives out there. Since the knives are handmade, you may see […]

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