15 Life Saving Items To Have In Your Deer Hunting Backpack. Essential Things For Hunters.

What Are The Essentials To Carry In Your Hunting Backpack?

Here are 15 things that you need to have in your hunting backpack this season. If you still don't own one backpack yet, you can browse our top 10 reviewed hunting backpacks from our page.

1. Gear Rope

Nothing is as annoying as getting to the tree, only to find out that you have no rope to pull your rigging.

This is a bad dream for climbing tree stand clients, and a surprise for stepping stool or hold tight seekers.

Always carry a 20-25 feet of thick nylon rope.

2. Hand Saw

Hand saw cutting

We can always find that one irritating appendage on our stands.

Having a handsaw in the pack will be valuable.

3. Rain Cover

When it rains, you can use your tree stand umbrella or rain cover to keep you and your equipment dry. 

4. Headlamp


This is one is a must for any deer hunter. You generally need more than one headlamp.

You need to have one for strolling undetected and another for blood trailing.

5. Water and Snacks

You may need to eat something while in the stand. Also don't forget to carry some water.

6. Binoculars

Binoculars for hunting

Many hunters feel bare without a pair of binoculars around their neck.

They are helpful for seeing prey from a distance.

7. Extra Discharge, Fast Loads, Cartridges, or Slugs

Having extra of these is advisable because you may run out while in the woods.

8. Gutting Blade

Tying your gutting blade in a designated pocket will show how prepared you are for the hunt.

9. Hooks and Holders

These are an unquestionable need! Your weapon, bow, backpack, tremble, and extra garments need a place to hang on the tree.

10. Hand Warmers

These are good to keep you comfortable and warm in the stand.

11. Coyote Calls

This will help you attract prey.

12. Toilet Paper

This is straightforward. Nature calls!

13. Extra Garments

They will help you stay longer in the woods by offering warmth and comfort.

14. Mobile Power Station/Battery Pack

You can use it to charge your phone and camera.

15. Camo Face Paint Tubes

Camo face paint

Your face needs to be concealed.