Klecker Hunting & Tactical Folding Knives Review

Klecker Hunting & Tactical Folding Knives

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Are you an active outdoors enthusiast? Do you like venturing into the wild frequently? Then you know that a hunting knife is an essential tool that should be included in your gear.

Hunting knives are not only relegated to dealing with game; they can also perform a variety of tasks due to their fortified structures and material. A hunting knife with superior quality can even last for plenty of years, thus many quality models can be passed from one generation to the next.

If you are a beginner in the world of hunting knives, you will need a handy reference in case you want to purchase your own. We have here a list of reviews that you can peruse while scanning hunting knife models online. In this review, let us talk about Klecker Knives’ Hunting and Tactical Folding Knife. Read on for more information about the product.

Features of the Klecker Hunting & Tactical Folding Knives

  • Includes the company’s patented Klecker Lock Mechanism
  • Blade is made from Sandvik 12C27 with Tanto Recurve Profile
  • Handle is made from Admiral Blue 2CR13 Stainless Steel
  • Measures 8.1 inches open and 4.7 inches closed
  • A one-handed flipper with tip up or down carry
  • Made in China
  • Includes lifetime warranty with 100% customer satisfaction policy

Benefits of the Klecker Hunting & Tactical Folding Knives

People always make the mistake of purchasing the cheapest option when it comes to hunting knives.

This is actually a self-defeating decision since not only is it troublesome, it can be described as an even more expensive decision as well due to the number of times you may have to repurchase whenever a cheap hunting knife fails to do its job.

Tackling game is also something that should not be merely viewed as a simple task; it requires precision and quickness, thus you should invest in quality knives that will make all that prepping easier, faster, and done in a proper manner.

Now remember, not every hunting knife is the best; there will always be mediocre knives among the bunch. If you want your hunting experience to be great, you need to search for only the best in the market and include them in your gear in the wild. A quality hunting knife makes a significant difference as soon as you experience it and you will never go back to cheaper hunting knives again.

For a hunting knife to be excellent, it should be sharp and should be able to be sharpened easily in the wild. It needs to be hardwearing enough that it can easily handle frequent, harsh usage.

The blade should also be formidable enough to cut right through the hip socket of a moose yet quick enough to skin a bear without damaging it. Lastly, it should be easy to handle in wet conditions and while handling a bloody carcass.

We have used the Klecker Hunting and Tactical Folding Knife and for a foldable model, it holds quite well and does its job solidly. It is lightweight, made with quality materials, distinctive enough to claim its style as its own, and it also features a deep channel, which we appreciate.

The blade retains its edge pretty well and it feels solid in your hand, lightweight even though it is composed of exclusively metal material. It has an innovative closing mechanism that is used for the top of the knife’s handle.

While some people complained that the item was a bit difficult to close with one hand, we discovered that you can easily close it by pushing down on its lock by means of your thumb then catch the hook on the blade with some help from your pointed finger. The sharpness of the knife did not disappoint, and the balance is excellent.

Things to be Aware Of

As we have mentioned before, there were a few complaints from customers who found it difficult closing/opening the item with the use of one hand. These complaints stemmed from the panels of the knife, which some attributed to being defective, thus experiencing difficulties in closing and opening the knife.

Bottom Line

Klecker’s Hunting and Tactical Folding Knife is a good buy if you are on the hunt for a folding knife that works. For many experts, a fixed blade hunting knife is stronger compared to the folding kind, however, with products like this folding model from Klecker, you can bet that hunters will surely check this one out due to its excellent structure, performance, functionality and material. A great buy for a folding knife.