What Makes A Good Hunting Backpack? Tips, Tricks And Guides To Help You Choose The Right Backpack

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Whether you are a professional hunter or fond of hunting, you need to invest in a good hunting backpack. Choosing a good hunting backpack can be an overwhelming task as they can be found in various designs and sizes in the market. A good hunting pack will make your trip easier, comfortable, and successful.

You can store all your necessary gear in a convenient place and carry the backpack comfortably in harsh weather conditions. On the other hand, a bad hunting backpack can ruin your trip as it will make you feel uncomfortable.

You can carry all the important items in a good hunting backpack. Even after packing all the specific items, the backpack will remain light and comfortable for use. There are certain features that make a good hunting backpack. When you are buying one, you must carefully check the features and specifications of the specific backpack.

Features Of A Good Hunting Backpack

Apart from being durable and sturdy, a good hunting backpack must have the following features

1. Load Lifters or Suspension System

A good backpack consists of shoulder straps, a waist belt, a frame, and load lifters. The function of the waist belt is to help you manage the weight of the backpack so that your shoulders are not strained. The function of the load lifters is also to reduce the strain on your shoulders.

They add additional left/right stability. Load lifters are the straps that are located on the top of the backpack which travels down to the shoulder straps. If you tighten the load lifters, the shoulder straps will be pulled up and away from your body. As a result, your shoulders will not be strained. They are also known as the suspension system.

If the hunting backpack does not have load lifters, you will experience frequent shoulder and neck pain. Therefore, buy a hunting backpack that has a good suspension system.

2. Load Hauling

For example, you have been able to hunt the animal that you have been dreaming for a long time. Now, you need to transport the meat from the kill site via your backpack to the truck.

Therefore, it is important to own a hunting backpack that provides the ability to haul meat. Nowadays, you can find many hunting backpacks that provide the option to strap meat perfectly between the bag and the frame. This feature will make your task easier when you hunt an animal.

When you are able to strap the meat to your backpack, it is a great advantage, especially when you are trekking in the mountain. It will keep your hands free and therefore, you will feel comfortable while walking.

3. Size Of The Backpack

It is extremely important to buy a backpack of the right size. The suspension system of the backpack will work properly only if you have a backpack of the right size.

Nowadays, the hunting backpacks provide you the option of carefully adjusting the torso length of the backpack to your body. The torso length of the backpack should be right for your body. If you are short, you should not carry a tall backpack. Most of the weight of the hunting backpack will be carried on the waist belt.

You won’t feel comfortable at all if your backpack slips down towards the rear end. This can happen if you buy a backpack of a larger size. Measure the length of your torso so that you can buy the backpack of the right size.

4. Expandable Section

A good hunting backpack has an expandable pack section that provides extra space for storing your hunting gear. As a result, you can carry a lot of stuff that you might need during your hunting trip.

5. Hydration Reservoir

A wonderful feature of a hunting backpack is the hydration reservoir. A good hunting backpack provides a 3-liter hydration backpack that will be able to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

6. MOLLE System

A good hunting backpack provides the MOLLE webbing system that is required for a successful hunting trip. It allows you to carry extra gear that won’t fit inside the hunting backpack. If you are going for a long hunting trip, this system will play an integral role in your survival.

Uses Of A Hunting Backpack

Backpack in mist

Now that you are aware of all the features that a good hunting backpack must have, let’s talk about the uses of a hunting backpack. When you are going on a hunting trip, the things that you need to carry in your backpack are as follows:

  • Food

You must carry food when you are going on a hunting trip. Even if you are going for an afternoon trip, carry snacks in your backpack.

  • Water

You must carry water in your hunting backpack. It will be better if you buy a backpack with a hydration reservoir.

  • GPS, Compass, and Map

You must carry GPS, compass, and map in your backpack so that you don’t get lost in the woods.

  • First Aid

You must have a first aid box in your backpack. It should contain bandage, safety pins, antiseptic, and antihistamine tablets or creams.

  • Tools

You need to carry various useful tools in your hunting backpack such as knives, blades, rope, matches, lighter, and torch.

  • Sleeping Gear

If you are going for an overnight or long hunting trip, you need to carry a good sleeping gear. It will give you peace and comfort during the night. A sleeping pad or inflatable mattress will occupy very less space in your hunting backpack.

  • Rain Gear

You must carry a set of durable and lightweight rain gear. It will be extremely useful if you get trapped in a rainstorm.


A good hunting backpack will make you feel comfortable and let you enjoy your hunting expedition. It will accommodate everything that you will require on your trip.

Thus, invest in a good quality hunting backpack that has the best features and specifications. You can find various types of backpacks in the market. Keep the important features in your mind so that you can choose the right hunting backpack.