Perkins Knives J2 Steel Handmade Hunting Knife Review

Perkins Knives J2 Steel Handmade Hunting Knife

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Hunting knives are designed to perform a variety of functions, from dressing a game down to accomplishing common tasks on camp sites.

The options for this kind of knife are infinite and they run the gamut from small blades, big ones, knives with wooden handles and rubber ones, feature fixed or folding styles, and a lot more.

In the end, the knife that a user purchases will depend first and foremost on his or her needs and preferences. Let us provide you with more options by presenting a review of Perkins Knives’ J2 Steel Handmade Hunting Knife.

Features of the Perkins Knives J2 Steel Handmade Hunting Knife

  • Is 59-62 HRC on the Rockwell scale
  • Sharp and strong
  • Has length of 13 inches
  • Has blade length of 8 inches
  • Has wood handle length of 5 inches
  • Includes handmade leather sheath

Benefits of the Perkins Knives J2 Steel Handmade Hunting Knife

The first tools that were made by humans were knives. They were primarily used for hunting, killing, and dressing game. There is evidence that individuals have been fashioning knives for over 2 million years. The first knives that were made were, as mentioned, mainly used for hunting and general tasks.

The first blade to come into existence was a hand axe and it was employed as a scraping tool, a butchering tool, a hammer, and as a skinning knife for game. It was also used as a weapon of some sort.

Later on, people finally grasped the concept of blade shapes and edges, thus the knife was further provided with upgrades until we now have the modern knives, products of years and years of advancements through the years.

For starters, Perkins Knives’ J2 Steel Handmade Hunting Knife is created from air-hardened steel, which makes it durable, since the material is widely used in the manufacture of military and fighting knives.

The material is perfectly capable of holding edges and is generally considered to be reliable. It has an overall length of 13 inches, a blade length of 8 inches, a handle length of 5 inches, and has a blade thickness of 3/16 inches.

The design of the knife provides it with a stylish yet tough look. The knife has a lightweight feel overall.

The wooden inlay handle might lead users to believe that the knife is nothing but an aesthetic piece, but do not be fooled by its appearance – this one is a hard worker. It has an outstanding feel to it and the handle features one of the most comfortable grips I have ever encountered when it comes to hunting knives.

It does not offer hot spots while cutting game and it has a flawless blade coupled with an equally flawless, sharp point. The edge is just perfectly sharp, it is indeed something worth investing a couple dollars more for.

As for the sheath, it features a good, tight fit, and users won’t have to deal with knives falling out of it. It is made from prime leather material, not filler.

The belt loop nearly dangles, which is good news for me since knives of this sizes can be too drawn tightly to the side of the user. In terms of draw, it is smooth, while the button clasp, on the other hand, is a snap.

Things to be Aware Of

Thus far, there were minimal complaints coming from a handful of customers.The majority of said comments centered on the dullness of the blade/knife they were sent. In general, most customers appreciated their Perkins Knives purchase.

Furthermore, there were reports of customers complaining that what they acquired were fakes so it is best recommended that you buy straight from the manufacturer to avoid getting ripped off.

Bottom Line

Perkins Knives’ J2 Steel Handmade Hunting Knife is a nice knife hunters can invest on due to its overall craftsmanship and materials.

Quality is something that every individual has to spend on since products that are made with excellent materials, superb standards, and superior workmanship last longer than budget ones. As told by its satisfied customers, the hunting knife displayed dependability and excellence in terms of performance, design, and structure.

However, as stated earlier, if you want to get a hand on this particular product, you have to make sure that you order one from a trusted source or, if you can, straight from the manufacturer, since there is an alarming number of fake Perkins Knives on the market these days. Check your seller carefully to guarantee that you will be receiving the real thing.