What is a Hunting Tree Stand? What is the Safest Tree Stand? How high should you hunt in a tree stand?

Tree stand safety

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A tree stand or a deer stand refers to an open or closed platform used by a hunter. These platforms are attached to trees so as to raise a hunter and offer a better point of view. There are many types of tree stands in the market.

Types Of Tree Stands

There are several types of tree stands used by hunters. I will try to list all the kinds I know and give some information on each one.

1. Climbing stand

A climbing stand has two parts; the standing platform and the seat on the top even though not all seats have backs. These two parts are linked together with a strap, so, when the lower part falls, it doesn’t drop all the way to the ground.
Climbing tree stand can be linked in various ways to a tree.
The part that links to the tree can be made from a thick cable or a well-shaped metal. It is then fastened to the stand with a bolt or pin.

2. Ladder stand

This one has a seat and platform, as well as a ladder for climbing up the stand. The seat and platform link to the tree with the ladder coming off the front of the platform to enable a hunter access the stand.
This ladder stand is stationary due to its size and difficulty in movement. It has great stability due to its link to the tree and ground support. A hunter can decide to use a ladder for one or two people.

3. Hanging stand

They are similar to ladder stands but without the ladder. It is also stationary.
A hanging stand attaches to a tree using chains or a cable at the required elevation. For one to get into a hanging stand, ladders or ladder sections are used.
These sections are referred to as climbing sticks. Alternatively, steps can be screwed on the tree to allow a hunter to climb.

4. Box stand

This one is large and enclosed and resembles a shed. A box stand can be built to varying heights with a ladder or steps to facilitate entry. Their design is meant to shield a hunter from harsh weather and stay out of sight from animals when hunting.
Most of the box stands are constructed using wood. They have wooden walls and floors and metal roofs.

A word of caution though, tree stands can be dangerous when one is careless. You need to be careful and use the right safety equipment as well as follow the instructions that come with the gear.
As a hunter, you need to select a tree stand that is best for your hunting style and fits within your budget.

Setting up a tree stand

Fixed stand

These ones are linked to a tree using straps, chains or ropes. Such a stand has a large and flat side that leans on the tree trunk.
Before you use a fixed stand for the first time, attach it to a tree’s base and tie the ropes tightly and test it. Be sure that it will support your weight without creaking.

Permanent stands

They are a type of fixed stand and can be a simple wooden platform to something similar to a tree house. These stands stay up all year round and it is always good to inspect them regularly.

Tower stands

These stand freely by three or more legs. They are ideal for areas that have few trees that can support a stand.
Selected towers are portable frames while others are permanent wooden or metal structures. These stands are bulky and heavy.

Other types of tree stands

Tree steps

These are small bars that horizontally protrude from the tree and offer a foothold.
Some tree steps have straps that you tie around the tree trunk while others have threaded ends that are sharp enough to be screwed on the tree.

Climbing sticks

These refer to long poles that have horizontal footholds protruding from the side. A hunter attaches the stick to the tree using safety straps.
A hunter should always use a safety harness attached to the tree while fixing a stand.

A hunter should always use a safety harness attached to the tree while fixing a stand.

Reasons for using a tree stand

Just like all the other hunting equipment, tree stands are quite beneficial.
They allow a hunter to rise above the ground. A hunter will be able to see changes happening on the ground. A view from above offers more detail.
One can also track an animal’s exact location. The hunter doesn’t need to wait for an animal to come but instead be ready to shoot where he is.

Tips for setting up a tree stand

  • Determine the best elevation.
  • Locate your animal before finding the tree-scout for trails before deciding where to set up your stand.
  • Mind the wind direction to avoid your scent getting picked up by animals.
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    Decide on the right route that will not startle animals as you leave or get in.
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    Set up stands near ambush locations and travel corridors.