Climbing Stand vs. Hang-On Stand, What Is Best For You?

Woman Hunter on Treestand

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These two are the most popular for hunters but there are several factors that influence a hunter’s decision on whether to use a climber or hang-on stand.
It always boils down to your manner of hunting as well as the area.

Hunting area

Survey your area of hunting and decide on the kind of trees you will be standing in. It is obvious that for climbing stands, your tree needs to be as straight as it can be with little or no branches at all.
At times, such trees are difficult to find, so, you will have to go for hang-on stands. Hang-on stands can fit in any type of tree making them versatile.

You may also find that the hunting area has many thick tress with a lot of cover that will enable you to hide a hang-on in. You can climb as high as you wish without worrying about pruning branches to make room for your stand.

Hunting style

The manner in which you hunt matters a lot. In case you hunt in the same tree all the time, or the same area, it makes sense if you choose hang-on stands. You have the freedom to set them up whichever way you want.
On the other hand, you may be constantly on the move and never hunt from the same tree always. In this case, a climbing tree stand would be ideal.

Climbing stands

Climbing stands work by holding at the top and pulling at the bottom. The seat and platform are designed to hold on to the tree, the top platform is set while the bottom is pulled using hooks or straps over the boots.

Ladder Tree Stand and thick trees

Climbing stands have two pieces used for climbing while the hang on uses a ladder. In the hang-on, a ladder or pegs are needed for climbing while a climbing stand is complete without any added equipment.
The climber is climbed by a hunter and everything is up the tree. When it comes to a hang-on, one is required to use the arms to climb or a climbing stick.
Climbing stands are safer and more secure because they are firmly attached to a tree. It also has a seat which offers comfort as compared to the hang-on.
Climbing tree stands are also only designed to climb trees that lack branches while the hang on can be used on any tree.
Of all tree stands, the climbing tree stand is the best option. They are light as compared to hang on stands.
Even though they are light, they are smaller than and not as stable as hang on stands.
Additionally, best hunting spots lack enough space or trees straight enough to mount climbing tree stands.

Hang-On stands

Hang-On Treestand

Hang on tree stands are great and easy to use because you can set them up anywhere with a tree. As opposed to climbing tree stands, branches and crooked trees are usually not a huge problem with hang on stands.
With hang on tree stands, the way you climb up a tree is your problem to worry about. They are light in weight and can be used with almost any kind of tree. In case you enjoy hunting in concealed and tight areas, hang on stands are an ideal choice.
Setting up a climbing tree stand is also tedious and time consuming. Hang on stands offer flexibility even though they are smaller as compared to climbing tree stands, and therefore, they have less comfort and safety.

Some useful tips

  • If possible, go hunting with a friend but sure both of you know where your stands are. 
  • Have a communication gadget such as a cellphone or walkie talkie. Select a good tree for your climbing or hang on stand.
  • Make sure the tree meets the size specifications and your tree stand’s requirements.
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    As you climb up and down the tree, make sure you are harnessed. Avoid taking chances by pushing yourself beyond your abilities when hunting. Do not try and climb higher up the trees than is necessary.
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    Never climb up and down with a loaded firearm or bow.
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    Just like all the other hunting equipment, tree stands are quite beneficial. They allow a hunter to rise above the ground. A hunter will be able to see changes happening on the ground. A view from above offers more detail.
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    Always have some hanger screw for emergencies. Furthermore, carry an extra rope. 
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    If you wish to hunt in a large area, climbing stands are the best option because you can shoot game from a distance.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of the tree stand you choose, make sure you read the instructions of the manufacturer before use. Before you leave for your hunting session, inform your family and friends of where you are going just in case you encounter an emergency.
Leave behind a copy of your hunting program including your tree stand’s location.