Useful Tips on How to Safely Setup a Climbing Tree Stand

Climbing Treestand Setup

A majority of people get thrilled by hunting because of the challenge that it offers as well as the skills and patience needed. Furthermore, hunting offers every hunter the chance to be outdoors and enjoy nature away from the regular distractions that life gives.
Over time, hunters have come up with several tools to aid in their hobbies, among them being the climbing tree stand.
A tree stand is a tool that one attaches to a tree so as to be high above the ground and improve your point of view as well as the visibility of your area of interest.
A good tree stand will provide cover and prevent the animals from detecting your scent. Climbing tree stands have become quite popular because of the improved designs by manufacturers.

Selecting the location for a climbing tree stand

First, be conversant with the tree stand regulations where you live because there may be restricted areas. In case you plan to hunt on private property, make sure you have spoken to the owner before you do any activity.
What follows next is selecting a location where you will find game to hunt, for example, if you are hunting deer, look out for deer sign.

Hunting location

The next step is to find a good tree once you have found an area with a lot of game. Find a live and strong tree and keep off trees that have many dead branches, diseases or any form of decay. It is always advisable to find a tree with a semi-rough texture bark because tree stands never work well with trees that have smooth barks.
Since you are using a climbing tree stand, find a straight tree that lacks a lot of branches very close to the ground to enable you climb up. If possible, cut off branches using a handsaw or shears, whichever works.
After selecting your tree, decide the direction which you will face during hunting. Choose a direction that faces most of the deer sign and avoid positions with restricted visibility because flexibility is vital during hunting.
If need be, clear brushes for you to have clear lines of sight. One is always advised to pick a position that will offer more than one lane of shooting.

Setting up the tree stand

You have your location and now want to set up the tree stand. Ensure that you have all the required equipment for setting up your stand. Climbing stands do not need much gear:

  • Safety harness, ropes and straps
  • Bow or rifle
  • Stron​g rope for lifting your bow or rifle once you are up

Always make sure that you attach a safety strap to your tree while climbing.

Tips for setting up climbing stands

1. Choose an appropriate climbing stand

Once you make a choice of using a climbing stand, select the best stand.
Qualities of a good stand are:

  • Fast movement - when you are in an easy area, use heavier stands, but when in mountainous regions, use lighter stands that will allow rapid movements.
  • Simple to set up - this will boost your relaxation.
  • Comfort - without this, your equipment is of no use.
  • Strength and safety - they need to have enclosure bars as well as boot stirrups to avoid slipping.
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    Portable - they have backpack straps making them easy to carry anywhere.

2. Choosing the appropriate tree

Your tree has to be strong and capable of huge bearing ability. Avoid a tree that is wide at the bottom and narrow at the top, or one that is short and skinny.
An ideal tree is tall, thick and has an uneven bark.

3. Understand the parts of your tree stand

They have two main parts; a platform and a set that are connected together using a strap.

  • Sitting platform - this refers to the upper section of a climbing stand where the hunters sit and it is locked around the tree stern.
  • Foot platform - the lower section attached to the sitting platform.

4. Getting the perfect angle

Before you fix a tree stand, make sure you have the right angle. When you connect the stands, maintain a very small rising angle for the sitting platform.

5. Safety measures

Make sure you use a safety harness and that the top and bottom are well connected.

6. Foot stand

Unlock the upper section and set it up higher. Ensure that the two sections are strongly connected.
In general, the fixing rope needs to be long enough that the hunter’s movement cannot be hindered.

7. Self-confidence

Always have some hanger screw for emergencies. Furthermore, carry an extra rope.
If you wish to hunt in a large area, climbing stands are the best option because you can shoot game from a distance.

Safety tips

  • Your tree should be strong and healthy
  • Always check your stand regularly and harness to prevent accidents
  • Double check your tree stand connections
  • Have the best quality rope
  • Be aware of slippery situations
  • Have a 3-point contact when climbing up or down
  • Exercise patience
  • Never carry a loaded gun when climbing up