How to Pass the Time in a Tree Stand. Make the Hunt Happen

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15 Useful Things to Kill Time When Hunting is Slow

If you are a hunter, you have obviously been at a point where you find yourself in the stand but things are quite slow. Many of us find ourselves bored with nothing to do.

1. Have a mental rehearsal

This is something you need to get used to while hunting. Game are quite unpredictable with their movements and as a hunter, you never know when an animal will spring out and from where.
Spare some time and think of all the possible scenarios and the action you may take. What will be your reaction? What will be the best course of action if ambushed?

2. Taking photos

Even if the specific animal you are after doesn’t show up, chances are there will be other game. Have a nice camera and take photos as a way of passing time in your hang-on or ladder tree stand.
Using your camera will also assist you in mastering the movement of animals in a way that you will always be ready when the target appear.

Taking photo with iPhone

Additionally, it is just a great thing to have beautiful photos that will remind you of your hunting sessions in future.

3. Carry some reading material

This is a contentious issue among hunters because some people argue that you can’t have enough time to read. A deer quickly arrives and leaves as fast as it appeared.
You can listen to audio books or podcasts to kill the boredom. I wouldn’t advice audio because it will affect your hearing when hunting.
And maybe you should read a few pages at intervals while scanning your surroundings.

4. Bird watching

Even when it is slow during a hunt, birds will always be there. Carry an identification guide and test your knowledge of birds. One of the prettiest things about bird watching is that you will still pay attention to the woods and you will not miss any animal.
This will also be an opportunity to learn about other animals found in the woods.

5. Pack some snacks

This will be helpful if you intend to have a longer stay in the stand. Snacks will replenish your energy and keep you busy.
If you are a coffee enthusiast, carry a flask of hot coffee to keep you alert. Be keen not to eat too much to want to go for a nature call.

6. Mental games

Allow yourself to relax and daydream. Forget about the responsibilities of life for a moment. You can decide to count the number of gunshots you hear, or do whatever jogs your mind.

7. Play phone games

Be careful when playing phone games so that you don’t get carried away and forget your objective. Stay alert and aware of your surroundings because you have no idea when a deer may show up and you need to be ready to take the perfect shot.

8. Practice and concentrate

Practice calculating shooting distances using a rangefinder. With it, you can visualize shots by going through possibilities, shot angles and wind direction.

9. Stretch and do yoga

When you sit for too long in the stand, you may get tired and your muscles may stiffen. Make a habit of standing, stretching and bending at intervals.
This will aid in easing your muscles. You can also do yoga poses and controlled breathing for relaxation.

10. Take a nap

A quick nap can rejuvenate your senses and you will less likely take poor shots. In case you have a hunting partner, you can sleep in turns.

11. Practice meditation

Find a suitable position as you sit or lie down. Start with few deep breaths as you breathe deep into your stomach for relaxation. Keep your eyes closed and experience the goodness of nature.

12. Re-organize your items

Binoculars for bird watching

Place your bottles and any other items where you will remember to dump them after the hunt. Go ahead and clean the lenses on your binoculars and rangefinder. Or maybe use your pocket knife sharpener to sharpen your deer hunting knife.

13. Blind calling

When you are idle during a hunt, you can also make blind calls. You can liven up your idle time with hourly calling sessions. This can be extremely helpful to the mind during boring midday hours.

14. Lower the bar

Many hunters develop trophy fever. Many newbies prefer big hunts and that’s the only thing they look out for.
Instead of sitting idle for hours in a tree stand, try hunting anything that comes by just to pass time.

15. Team up with a friend

You can team up with a buddy that you can talk to, while in the tree stand and idle. You can also make plans for your next hunt or even create a to-do list.

Wrapping Up

The truth is sitting in a tree stand can be boring and full of monotony. To avoid getting frustrated, try out the options discussed above whenever you feel bored.
As a hunter, you need to learn to be patient because you can stay in a tree stand for hours without anything coming up.