Hunting Tent With Wood Stove. Do I Need One?

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Camp Stove

Even if you may not agree, the truth is that it is important to have at least a wood stove as part of your tent. 

How Important Is A Stove In A Tent?

Most people love camping during the summer in the warm climate of places such as Wisconsin and Minnesota. However, the very act of sitting beside a warm campfire with friends and family is considered good for the soul.
Even with this being the case, during most times that the temperatures drop, most people often put aside their camping gear.
In as much as the scenery and stars may be exceptional sites to see at such a time and there may be no bugs to make your stay at the camping site less comfortable, shivering through a cold night would not be such an enjoyable experience for any person.
Although most people may find it hard to accept the truth, is that during the cold seasons you would require a tent stove to help keep yourself warm.
Therefore, a wood stove is an important element of a hunting or camping tent.

What Is A Hot Tent?

Here I am going to introduce you to what is commonly known as a hot tent. A hot tent also commonly referred to as a wall tent is a tent made of canvas that has a wood burning stove on the inside.

Hot Tent

These types of tents are ideal for cold weather seasons more so during winter. A tent with a wood stove is important for the reasons as mentioned below:

  • The hot tents are much more spacious than any other tent such that you can freely work within the tent, cook whenever you feel like having something to eat, and most of all you would be able to move around freely within the tent.
  • The canvas material used in making the tent allow moisture to escape so that you would not wake up early the following day to find the inside of your tent coated with frost that nay start to drip thus leaking onto the stuff that you have within your tent the moment the sun rises.
  • The hot tent is designed without a built in floor that you could setup based on your individual needs. However, depending on your unique needs you may require a tent floor more so in an area infested with bugs and other crawling animals that may get into the tent to disturb you in your sleep.
  • The hot tent setup process is quite simple and straight forward as it does not require the pounding of stakes into the ground in a bid to put up the tent.
  • With a wood burning stove within the tent you would be able to keep war even during the coldest seasons or times of the day. In addition, a wooden stove would allow you to cook and also boil water if need be.
  • You could use the heat from the stove in drying out the wet clothes you may have hang on the cloth line found inside the tent so that the clothes may be ready for use on the subsequent day.

Having the hot tent, can enable a person to have quite an outstanding time out. These types of tents allow individuals to comfortably camp in regions with cold weather.
Ideally, these types of tents are a perfect asset to use for camping with family members and friends for hunting or in some cases as a warming house for an event that is to be carried out during the cold season.

What Are The Requirements?

In order to keep your tent warm during cold times there would be a few things that you would require as outlined below:

  1. A hot tent that would be spacious enough to accommodate the number of people you would go out camping with be they your friends or family members.
  2. You would also need a wood stove for the tent that has externally structured ventilation stove pipe to allow for the emission of smoke out of the tent when the tent stove is used.
  3. If in any case you may need to sleep on the ground, in order to sleep much more comfortable you would need an air mattress made specifically for cold temperatures, a warm sleeping bag, or a warm sleeping pad.
  4. It is also important to carry a small snow shovel as part of your gear.
  5. Wood
  6. Gloves for handling hot things on the stove
  7. Hatchet or axe.

Wrap Up

The main reason why the majority of people hardly use the hot tents besides the cost involved in acquiring such types of equipment is that most people are ignorant about the existence of hot tents.
Most people you would talk to would admit to the fact that they do not have any clue that a tent with a wood burning stove exist hence they hardly consider such tents in making their purchase for a tent.
The few people who are aware of the hot tent are discouraged by the cost of the cold weather sleeping bags, the stove and ultimately, the cost of the tent.
You should keep in mind that a tent with a wood stove would always come handy during cold nights or cold seasons.
Therefore, even with the cost involved in acquiring such tents, you should not hesitate to acquire a tent with a wood stove.