What Is the Best Tent For An Alaska Camping Trip?

Alaska Camping Tent

The type of tent that you would choose for any occasion would depend on peoples’ varied needs or requirements.
Based on my experience of the trips that I have made around Alaska, the following are some of the tents that people can choose from when looking for a viable tent to use when camping in different regions in Alaska.

Sleeping Tents

The perfect tent to choose from would be determined by a number of factors including:

  • The tent has to be wind worthy
  • It has to be durable
  • Also it should have a easy setup
  • The tent interior should be equipped with features that would provide warmth if need be
  • A perfect tent would have a good weight to space ratio

Single wall tents would expose users to the risk of having to deal with dump moisture that would accumulate from the inside part of the tent even with the advances in venting.
The ultra light tents that are mostly made of mesh would expose users to extremely cold temperatures during the cold season.
Just like choosing a perfect car to suit your unique requirements or the best hunting knife for your hunting game , people are forced to compromise when choosing a suitable camping tent.
While a light tent would not provide sufficient space for many people to stay inside, a tent with almost all features would be heavy to carry around from one location to another despite the level of convenience that comes with using these types of tents.

The tent suggestions listed below are not listed in any particular order of superiority:

1. MSR Fury

This type of tent has a capacity of two people. Even with the tent’s reduced capacity, it has a great degree of stability that enables the tent to withstand even the strongest windstorm that may be experienced during different times of the year.
This tent has been praised by the majority of people who have used it because of its durability, and the fact that users are able to keep warm while within the tent.
The fact that the tent does not allow wind to enter it is structured in such a way that individuals would be required to have a great degree of flexibility to enter into the tent.
In addition, the tent is low ventilated such that during the few months that the region experience increased temperatures it becomes uncomfortable to stay inside the tent.

2. The Mtn Hardware Trango 3

Most people would prefer this type of tent for a number of reasons as would be stipulated in the discussions below. For one the tent is easy to setup.
Most people also prefer this type of tent because it is well built thus making it more stable and it is quite spacious.
The tent provides for a good view of the surroundings through the door area and the windows so that you could easily spot impeding danger such as a bear approaching the tent from a distance. The tent is also fitted with an additional mesh door that helps in keeping bugs away.
The mesh door is also structured in such a way that it keeps the inside of the tent warm by shielding away cold.
Presently, the tent has strong poles that help in increasing its stability when in use. Without minding its increased weight, this type of tent is a good tent for any person who wishes to have a good time camping in Alaska.

3. North Face Talus 2/3 Tent

This tent has been and is still being used by the majority of the residents of Alaska for several reasons as would be proclaimed in the subsequent paragraphs. 

One of the main reasons why people love these kinds of tents is that they are compact and light in weight. The tent has two windows and two doors that bring convenience and comfort for any person using it.
This tent has sufficient room for two people. In as much these types of tents may not have sufficient headroom; the tents have sufficient resilience against strong winds that pose a threat to the stability of any built structure.
Part of the tent structure made of mesh makes a stay inside the tent during the arctic extremely unbearable as it becomes excessively cold within the tent.
This would be a great tent for people who wish to camp during times of warm weather.

4. MSR Holler

Any person in need of a stable, roomy and very light tent, this type of tent would be a reasonable choice for you. The tent can accommodate as many as four people at a go.
This tent can withstand strong winds and a heavy downpour that may render the tender the tent less viable for occupancy.
Despite the exorbitant cost of the tent, the benefits that accrue with its use, outweigh its extreme cost.