Learn How To Build The Perfect Tent Camp

Perfect Tent Camp

Most of us find it difficult to cope way away from home. This is because we have all grown used to the comfort of our house.
This comfort was  attained from the home environment to the extent that whenever we are subjected to an environment different from that of the household, for instance by living in a camping tent we would experience some degree of discomfort.
However, the following are some of the factors that you can consider in ensuring that you create a perfect environment for yourself even if that means living in a hunting tent for a while.


Finding an appropriate location is key to coming up with the most appropriate tent that would best serve our needs.
If you make the mistake of choosing a wrong location for your tent it would be after setting up the tent that you would discover that the location you chose for your tent is a pathway for running water and so any time it rains you will have to deal with the excessive water that gets into the tent.


Just in the same way that architects usually plan their blueprints adequately before coming up with an adequate location for a structure, you also need to take you time to select an appropriate location for your tent if you wish to come up with a perfect hunting tent structure suitable for any occasion.
Any mistake made in choosing the tent location can cost a person a great deal in the long run.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Location For A Perfect Tent

1. Land

Nobody would ever wish to sleep in a swamp as such as it is important to always look for an area with a terrain to built up our hunting tent. In such a case, you need to select a location with a slight slope in which case you would construct your tent near the high point. You should also consider you selected position in relation to the position of the sun. Placing your tent in a place you would be able to watch the sunrise would enable keep time while at the same time enabling you to keep warm in regions with a cold climate.

2. Trees

Trees can be used as an anchoring point for the tent structure. The trees can also aid in shielding individuals from heavy wind, rain and sunshine which are all elements that can make individuals stay in the tent unbearable if not moderated.
You should avoid putting up tent structures beneath old trees that might lose their branches at any time thus posing a danger to you or any other occupants of the surrounding region.

3. Sound

You should make sure that any location you wish to up your perfect tent structure is free from different forms of sound distractions if you wish to have a quiet time during your hunting expedition.

4. Proximity

You need to choose your tent location while considering your needs and the elements that you would be able to acquire from your surroundings.
If you consider having bathrooms around an important factor then you should make sure that the location you plan to put up your tent has bathrooms in the surrounding.
If you wish to have an enjoyable long term stay while hunting in whichever location of your choosing then you need to consider locations that are close to a town or any other important facility that would enable you have the most memorable time out hunting.

Things To Remember When Putting Up The Tent Structure

1. Equipment

You might be new to putting up a tent. You need not be overzealous when putting up the tent.
In as much as you might strive the same tent as the one you saw a friend build, you would only be able to build your tent based on the equipment available and the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

2. Rope Framework


The type of supporting ropes you have is one step towards developing a perfect stable hunting tent.
You need to ensure that the supporting ropes are tied tightly and securely at all times. In any case you would be required to use supporting pegs you should ensure that they are well fitted into the ground to provide additional support for the tent.
The tent should be erected high enough to allow for easy movement within the tent.

3. Tarpology (definition here)

In putting up your tent, you should ensure that you have a high a low point.
The slope of your tent structure should be built in relation to wind movement as well as the direction of rain.
Make sure that you fasten your tarp against the supporting ropes zip ties can go a long way in reinforcing your tent structure more so if they are part of the tent structure.
The more segments you would be able to fasten to the supporting rope the better.