10 Tips for A Better Wall Tent Hunting Camp

Wall Tent

For any kind of hunting expedition with friends or solo, be it in the mountain regions or the woodland areas, a canvas wall tent camp is a viable option.
A canvas hunting tent fitted with a wood heating stove would go a long way in making individuals’ stay in the tent much more comfortable more so in a situation whereby you would be camping out with friends.
The tips for a better wall tent hunting camp are outlined below:

Tip #1

You can fit a slick fly similar to a poly tarp over your tent. The additional fly on top of the tent serves the purpose of keeping you dry at all times. The fly also protects the tent users from snow and its adverse effects.
Without the fly in place, excessive amounts of snow can accumulate on top of the tent thus adding extreme load on the tent frame and this could lead to the eventual collapse of the tent.
If you had never realized it, the truth is that the slick fly improves the stability of the tent thus increasing the level of comfort enjoyed by the people who resided in the tents fitted with this additional tent feature.

Tip #2

In situations whereby firewood may not be available in your camping area it is advised that individuals carry the required firewood from home to the camping site. Scrap lumber can be used as firewood if available.
The reason why it is important that you ensure that you have pieces of firewood within the tent is that there are times when individuals would experience extreme cold temperatures that would require people to warm themselves up.


In situations whereby individuals would experience extreme cold temperatures yet they do not have firewood to warm up the tent then individuals’ stay within the tent would be unbearable.
The firewood can also be used for cooking different meals you that you would not have to starve when out hunting.

Tip #3

On occasions whereby you would experience extreme cold temperatures or you find yourself in a freezing weather, you are required to keep your coolers inside the tent by the side wall and away from the stove area.
Such an act would help keep the coolers cool at all times even if the coolers would remain in an unfrozen state.

Tip #4

Before lighting your wood stove, you need to dig up an inch of dirt or two and place the dirt at the bottom of the stove.
The dirt placed at the bottom of the stove would help protect the bottom end of the stove from excessively heating thus exposing you to the risk of having to deal with an abrupt fire while within the tent.

Tip #5

Instead of constructing an anchoring frame you can save yourself the time and effort by tying up an end of your ridge pole to a tree.
This is a sure way of building a pole frame for a more stable tent.

Tip #6

If you wish to have an exceptional time and experience hunting then you need to allocate a sufficient proportion of your finances to acquiring plenty of fuel and good lanterns that could be used during the night.

Gas Lantern

During shorter days of the month people would most definitely spend a good part of their time in the tent in the dark thus calling for plenty of lighting.

Tip #7

As part of your camping gear you need to carry along a length of wire, nails of different sizes, a hammer and also a proper hunting knife could be very useful.
There are quite a number of things that people can build or repair with these kinds of simple tools.

Tip #8

Camping Food

You need to carry along extra food for a couple of additional days.
The extra food would come in handy if it happens that you are stranded for one reason or another or in cases whereby people end up finding the need to feed additional people they did not plan for because you never know.

Tip #9

You should have games, books or some cards as part of your carryon luggage.
This is such that in a case whereby you would be required to stay in the camp perhaps because of the bad weather, you would find something that would help keep you preoccupied instead of getting frustrated by the things that did not go as you had wished them to.

Tip #10

You should always have a camp notebook. The camp notebook would enable you to keep a record of the things that you wish to accomplish at a later date camping.

Most importantly, with a camp notebook you would be able to jot down the vital things that you would require in a subsequent hunting expedition things that you have failed to include as part of your gear at one point.