How To Use An Electric Knife Sharpener In 5 Easy Steps

Examine Your Knives

It should be remembered that dull knives are much more dangerous than sharp knives even with it being that most people fear the dire consequences that may arise from using sharp knives compared to using the dull knives.
This may be hard to believe but it is true. Blunt knives are much more dangerous than the sharp knives that a majority of people fear most. 

In using a blunt knife, there is a higher chance that the knife would slip when cutting.

This is because dull knives would require users to use great force when cutting as opposed to a sharp knife that would only require a slight pressing of the user’s fingertips and a little degree of finesse.
Knives are bound to lose their sharpness or cutting edge over time with consistent usage. However, knives should have a fine cutting edge at all times to ascertain efficiency in partaking to different tasks within the household as this enables individuals to cut with ease and with less effort.

Proper Use Of Electric Sharpener

The best tool to use in retaining the fine state of a knife to be used at a later date is an electric knife sharpener.
Electric knife sharpeners are considered the most efficient sharpening tools for knives of any kind. Electric knife sharpeners can also be used for polishing and the reshaping of knives based on a person’s needs.
The electric knife sharpener is built with a two to three grinding wheels. The wheels have varying degrees of coarseness thus enabling users to employ them for different tasks.

Hence, in using the electric sharpening tool, individuals are advised to start from the coarsest stone towards the finest sharpening wheel.

The 5 Steps In Using The Electric Sharpener

If by any chance you need to understand how the electric knife sharpener can be used the following steps as outlined below would act as an important guideline for the first time users of the equipment:

Step 1. Placing the blade in the availed slot

The knife should be positioned in such a way that the heel of the knife is pressed down as far as possible by connecting the knife to the grinding stone. The sharpening process then starts with the heel of the knife all the way to the tip of the knife.

Step 2. Slide the knife through the slot

The knife should be positioned at a 15-20 degree angle. However, when in use the sharpening machine automatically positions the knife hand at a position the machine safely pull the knife through the slot to connect the edge that is to be sharpened with the grinding stone.

Step 3. Individuals need to gradually pass their knife through the slot twice on both sides.

Given the high degree of efficiency of the electric knife sharpener, individuals only need to pass their blades or knives twice through the machine to either reshape or sharpen the knife.
The slightest touch with the rotating wheel is sufficient to amend the flaws that may be present on the surface of a knife.

Step 4. Repeat the procedure as outlined above on the finer stones

Once individuals reshape their blades in the first stages of knife sharpening by using the coarsest stone of the machine, the subsequent stage would involve using the fine stone by passing the blade twice on both sides through the slot with the finest stone wheel.

Step 5. The last stage of the sharpening process would involve rinsing the knife and drying it in preparation for a subsequent use of the knife

In as much as the shavings that arise from the grinding process may be collected by a magnet built as part of the electric sharpening machine it is still imperative that individuals rinse their knives and dry them in a towel after the sharpening process is completed.

Electric Knife Sharpening Tips

  1. Knives that have large metal bolsters may not be advisable to sharpen using an electric knife sharpener. This is because most electric machines cannot accommodate these kinds of knives.
    Sharpening of such types of knives using the electric knife sharpener may result in an uneven sharpening of the knives, which could lead to the ultimate ruin of the knife.

  2. Therefore, before you start the process of sharpening any kind of knife, it is vital to ensure that the knife would fit through the provided slots of the electric knife sharpener failure to which individuals are encouraged to look for alternative sharpening tools other than the electric sharpening tool that could suit their interests.

  3. Paying keen attention to the procedure:
    If people fail to abide by the guidelines provided in their manual for using an electric knife sharpener then they face the risk of reducing the lifespan of their cutlery.
    This is because if individuals fail to adhere to the provided instructions the machine may grind off more steel than necessary.
    Hence, people should always stay focused when using the electric sharpening tool to avoid mishaps of any kind.

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