Electric Knife Sharpener Vs. Manual Knife Sharpener

It is often difficult to decide whether it is best to rely on the manual knife sharpener or the electric knife sharpener.
This is because there are numerous different types or brands of the electric or manual knife sharpeners that individuals could choose from and the innumerable options can be quite bombarding more so for individuals who are unfamiliar with the different types of knife sharpeners and how they work.
However, one thing that is certain is that people would be in need of a sharp knife at any given point in time be it in the kitchen or any other place individuals’ may be in need of a knife.

Using a blunt knife is not only frustrating for the user but these types of knives can also harm the users if not used cautiously.

How Do You Find The Best Knife Sharpener?

A majority of people would be of the opinion that it is important to have both the electric knife sharpener as well as the manual knife sharpener within the household.
There are those who think that it is important to settle on a single type of knife sharpener whether the manual type or the electric type of knife sharpener.
Nonetheless, the decision to buy a particular type of knife and not the other solely depends on a person’s personal preferences.

For instance, some of the factors that individuals often consider before making a purchase for a knife sharpener include:

  • A person’s budget that would determine a person’s price range for the product to be purchased.
  • The type of knife or knives a person opts to sharpen with the sharpening knife to be purchased.
  • Some people prefer the small compact sharpeners that they could easily carry along when moving from place to place.

Depending on the choices, people can end up with a reduced cost knife sharpener that does not work for the knives they have at home, or a person could end up buying an exorbitantly priced knife sharpener, which he or she may find difficult to use.

Manual Knife Sharpeners

1. Ability To Sharpen By Hand

The manual knife sharpeners enable users to sharpen their knives by hand. The fact that this tool enables individuals to sharpen their knives by hand gives people the opportunity to experience the effectiveness of the tool at first hand such that one is able to tell when his or her polishing of the knife is okay.
An electric sharpening tool is considered too aggressive when used more so amid people unfamiliar with the electric sharpening tool and how it works thus the electric tool can damage or ruin the blade.
People who are well versant with the electric sharpening tool know how they can regulate the pressure and speed of the machine during the time of use.

2. Better Price Point

In as much as most manual sharpeners may just as expensive as the electric sharpeners and some manual sharpeners being even more expensive than the electric sharpeners, the truth is that the majority of manual knife sharpeners are affordable.
The prices of effective manual sharpeners range between 10-20 dollars. However, there are particular manual sharpening tools that individuals can obtain for roughly 60 dollars or less.

3. Smaller And Easier To Store

Most manual sharpeners would most likely fit into a kitchen drawer given their small and portable sizes, unlike most bulky electric sharpeners.

4. Quick Touch Ups

Manual sharpeners are good for quick touch ups more so in situations whereby individuals find themselves in tight situations, unlike the electric sharpeners that require individuals to carry out full and precise sharpening on their knives.

Electric Knife Sharpeners

1. Require Minimal Effort By The User

Compared to the manual or whetstone sharpeners the powerful abrasive wheels of an electric knife sharpener minimizing the amount of energy consumed during the process of sharpening and the time consumed in sharpening a knife.

2. Designed To Be Intuitive And Easy To Use

These tools have predesigned angles that individuals rely on in sharpening their knives with little to worry about. An electric sharpener would do all the calculations involved in sharpening a knife on behalf of the user.

3. More Features And Functions

A good proportion of manual sharpeners do not offer the user the same features enjoyed by individuals who use the electric sharpeners.
For instance, an electric knife sharpener can allow users to sharpen an extensive range of knives at the same time at the right angle.
When looking for an electric knife sharpener, individuals should seek an electric sharpener with a two-step process that allows users to sharpen and hone their knives as one sees fit.
A good electric sharpener would be comprised of diamond abrasives as part of its sharpening edges. 

All in all, I would prefer the electric knife sharpener to a manual knife sharpener given its efficiency or ease of use as long as individuals abide by the instructions provided by the manufacturers.